Angelia Robinson

Angelia Robinson

Former environmental lobbyist, Angelia Robinson, is a knit and crochet designer residing in Los Angeles. Her playful yet elegant work has been featured in Vogue Knitting: Crochet, Love of Knitting, and Interweave Crochet. Angelia’s creations explore the interplay of shape, texture, and style. She draws daily inspiration from her quartet of children.

Facebook: Quaternity Design Studios
Ravelry: Quaternity
Twitter: @quaternityknits
Pinterest: quaternityknits
Web: Quaternity Knits

Projects by Angelia Robinson

Breezy Mesh Cowl

This generously sized lacy cowl is worked entirely in single crochet and chains, making it a great introduction to openwork patterns. The finished piece offers tremendous versatility and can be worn draped over the shoulders, doubled around the neck or over the head as a hood.

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Pineapple Cardigan

Time-honored pineapple lace gets an update with this modern cardigan. Set into a field of simple double crochet, vertical lace panels create visual interest and figure-flattering lines. Whether you wear it to the office or out to a weekend brunch, this versatile garment is sure to become a wardrobe stable.

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Unfinished Objects vs. the Everyday Crocheter

If you’re like most crocheters, you are experiencing a UFO invasion in your home. Are flying saucers or little green men lurking around your yarn stash? No, but there are probably a number of Unfinished Objects (UFOs) lurking with completion seemingly just out of reach. Signs of UFO invasion include half-finished afghans, un-seamed sweaters and

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Electric Jade Wire Necklace

The art of crochet requires a hook and some string, but who says the string can’t be made of metal? This project explores the easiest form of wire crochet with beads and basic chain stitches. Personalize your multi-strand necklace by using identical beads or a mixture of colors and textures.

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Crocheting with Wire

Curious about crocheting with wire? It’s just as easy as working with yarn, but there are a few key differences to consider. This article will cover strategies, tools, and resources you’ll need to get started on your own wire crochet projects.

Selecting the Right Wire

Wire used for crochet must be thin and pliable yet strong enough

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Marilyn Pencil Skirt

The vertical elements on this skirt pattern, made from half double crochet ribbing, creates figure- flattering lines. An added yoke on top allows for easy shaping and a custom fit. Pair this sleek skirt with heels and a blazer for the office or with riding boots and turtleneck for a casual weekend.

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Rustic Holiday Wreath

Add a bit of cheer to your home’s décor by displaying this quick and easy project on your wall or over your mantle. The gold bow and the red poinsettias are sure to make this a standout display.

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Pros and Cons: Acrylic vs Wool Yarn

It’s an age-old debate among crocheter’s and knitters: which is better—acrylic or wool yarn? Read on to discover the good and the bad aspects of using acrylic fiber. At the end of it all, which side will you be on?
Acrylic Yarn: The Pros
Conventional wisdom dictates that acrylic yarn is stiff, scratchy, and generally inferior to

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Griselda Wrap

Create a sophisticated rectangular shawl using the lace motifs in this project. Subtle color variations from the hand-dyed yarn add richness and depth to an already elegant pattern.

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Cobblestone Wrap

This chunky wrap is a rectangular accessory featuring tiny blocks of color. The overall effect is a striking and warm garment for cool fall days.

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