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Make This Necklace Today and Shine

Shimmer and Shine Necklace


When you’re looking for a unique piece of jewelry to put all eyes on you, you’ll be glad you have the Shimmer and Shine Necklace pattern from I Like Crochet. Wear this sparkling necklace with its gleaming stone pendant, and you’ll be admired for your exquisite taste as well as your incredible crochet skills.

You’ll create

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Make This Easy Crochet Shawl Today

Half Circle Crochet Shawl

From: The June 2014 Issue of I Like Crochet

Skill level: Easy

Searching for a beginner crochet pattern that makes you look like you’re an expert? The Half Circle Crochet Shawl pattern is for you!

When you wear this light and airy shawl—or give it as a gift—everyone will be impressed with your crochet skills. And no one

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Make a Colorful Mandala Burst Pillow Now

Mandala Burst Pillow

From: The April 2017 Issue of I Like Crochet

Skill level: Intermediate


Bohemian style is all the rage! Just look in any catalog, on Pinterest, or home-décor website and you’ll see this trend everywhere. Characterized by jewel tones, batik prints, and crochet and macramé accessories, “Boho chic” has a distinctly artistic flair.

The Mandala Burst Pillow crochet pattern brings

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