Kristen TenDyke

Kristen TenDyke is a knit and crochet designer who lives in Maine. She's a work-at-home mom who spends most of her free time playing with eco-friendly yarns and thinking up seamlessly constructed sweaters. She is the author of Finish-Free Knits (Interweave Press, 2012), Knitting Maine (Caterpillar Knits, 2013) and No-Sew Knits (Interweave Press, 2014). She is the creator of Caterpillar Knits, established in 2010 to supply pattern support for eco-friendly (organic; fair trade; recycled; vegan; low impact, natural or no dyes; low carbon footprint) yarns. See more of Kristen's designs on www.kristentendyke.com and www.caterpillarknits.com. Join Kristen online by following her on Twitter or Ravelry as KristenTenDyke

Finish-Free Knits: http://kristentendyke.com/collections/books/products/finish-free-knits
Knitting Maine: http://kristentendyke.com/collections/books/products/knitting-maine
No-Sew Knits: http://kristentendyke.com/collections/books/products/no-sew-knits
Kristentendyke.com: http://kristentendyke.com
Caterpillarknits.com: http://www.caterpillarknits.com
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/KristenTenDyke
Ravelry: http://www.ravelry.com/designers/kristen-tendyke
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KristenTenDykeDesigner

Projects by Kristen TenDyke

Blissful Bookworm Cardigan

Buttons, three-quarter-length sleeves and a loose fit — this cardigan is just what the bookworm ordered. It’s even easy and fast to make for a newbie, so you can return to curling up in your cozy corner with your Jane Austen novel once it’s done.

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Herbal Tea Cardi

With its winsome combination of stripes and buttons, this sweater will warm your heart. Its design ensures that you get just the right fit, as it is worked from the top down and can be tried on as you go.

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Relaxing Mittens

Worked from the fingers to the wrist, these mittens are fun to try on as you make them. The fingers, thumb and cuff are worked in single crochet, and the rest of the hand is worked in a 2-color vertical stripe pattern that is easy to remember and keep things interesting!

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Relaxing Socks

Toe-up socks are so much fun to make— you can try them on while you crochet! The toe, heel and cuff are worked in single crochet and the foot and leg are worked in a two-color vertical stripe pattern that is easy to remember and keeps things interesting, even for the second sock!

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Midnight Cardigan

Navy blue is the perfect complement to a pastel outfit this season. Create a ribbing effect with hdc stitches in the back loop for the perfect edges. All pieces are worked separately and come together to make this wonderful cardi.

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Juniper Hooded Scarf

If you’ve never crocheted cables before, this is a perfect first crochet cable pattern. The scarf portion is made straight and long, then the center portion is sewn up to make a hood. If you prefer your scarves sans hood, simply skip this step and you’ll have a nice long accessory to wear all season.

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Artist’s Vest

Working hdc stitches through the back loop creates a ribbing effect that looks knit when held sideways. This is a light piece that can become a staple in your summer wardrobe.

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Rad in Red Tank

Crochet motifs are a really fun way of creating fabric—especially when they are joined as you go. Changing hook sizes is an easy way to create shaping with smaller motifs at the waist, and larger, looser ones at the hips. Make this top as shown or customize the length into an airy summer dress!

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