Kristin Omdahl

Kristin Omdahl is the best-selling author of 21 how-to craft books; TV personality; and producer of award-winning educational and inspirational videos. Kristin is the founder of Project Kristin Cares, her charity dedicated to helping survivors of domestic violence. Together we can make a difference!Your support of the Kristin Omdahl Brand allows us to work together to help fellow survivors of domestic violence. Kristin is celebrating the 18th anniversary of her business this year.

From humble beginnings learning to knit and crochet while pregnant with her son 21 years ago, Kristin has been involved in nearly every aspect of the fiber industry. She was the crochet expert on “Knitting Daily TV” for 10 seasons and now is the host of a popular YouTube Channel where she teaches knitting and crochet, interacts with her audience with regular questions and answers, and so much more. Kristin is the author, designer and maker of so many thoughtful and gorgeous patterns and books.

Projects by Kristin Omdahl

Excerpt from Crochet Power: Sc-Dtr Crochet Stitch Pattern

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