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Make a Tee as Cool as an Ocean Breeze


Summertime has us longing for the beach and an ocean breeze. But even if you’re nowhere near the coast, you’ll be transported to the seashore when you wear the Deep Waters Tee. This crochet top pattern from I Like Crochet features split sleeves and a lacy mesh stitch that will have you feeling—and looking—cool.

Not only

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Weekend Escape Tote

With its strong and stretchy design, this tote is prepared for all your beach essentials. Perfect for finding shells on the beach, this tote will let all of the sand stay on the beach as you walk home. Not only is it useful, but it also sports a chic lacy design that suits the season perfectly.

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Secret Garden Throw

We love spring and this colorful throw reminds us of cherry blossoms and new leaves. The main body is worked back and forth with three colors of yarn and the border is worked in the round. This throw will look great in many color combinations.

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Crochet an Amigurumi Panda Today

From: The February 2018 issue of I Like Crochet
Skill level: Easy

What’s black and white a cute all over? A panda bear! From their roly-poly bodies to their perfectly round ears to their black-rimmed eyes, pandas charm with their appearance and antics. But this Bear-y In Love Panda Amigurumi is special, because he (or she) only

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