Rosann Fleischauer

Rosann started knitting when her husband got a boat and decided to take a few weeks and see the coast and she wandered into a local yarn shop during a much needed shore-break. She picked out a book, some yarn and needles to get started, and it turned the whole vacation around. Now ever year while he gets his boat ready for the season, Rosann scours the local yarn stores to build up a stash of projects to do underway, the smaller the better and always in the round with circular needles (because chasing double-pointed needles around the deck is not fun and provides twice as many ways to impale one’s self in heavy seas).

Rosann works with several community groups as a volunteer to teach others knitting techniques. She is always amazed at the number of fellow knitters she's met along the way and thankful to each and every one of them for the pleasure of their company and stories they have told. To this day, Rosann tracks her projects in terms of where she bought the yarn, who she was with and where she went while knitting it.

Projects by Rosann Fleischauer

Gillian Gradient Shawl

When you want a layer over your beach-side look, look no further than the delightfully smooth and silky sensation of this shawl. The cotton blend used in this project makes this an easy-to-care-for layer when traveling and a delight to wear on even the most sensitive of skin types.

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Crochet by Boat: The Knitted Purl

Uncover a new and colorful world with crochet designer Rosann Fleischauer as she tours the ports of Long Island to explore the local yarn shops that are crochet-friendly. On this adventure, discover the charming fiber haven that is The Knitted Purl. Kepp up with the adventures on the I Like Crochet blog – Just look for the crocheting by boat series!

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Crochet by Boat: Part 3 – The Knitting Garden

The village of Huntington is a charming stop as we make our way around Long Island by boat searching for the perfect yarn destination.  From the moment you settle into your slip at Willis Marine, you know this is going to be a good stop.  Willis Marine is at the head of the harbor and

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Crochet by Boat: Part 2—Knitting Cove and Yarn Shop

Whether you travel to Port Jefferson by ferry or private boat, you must take the time to stop by the Knitting Cove and Yarn Shop. This delightful shop is located within a five minute walk of the ferry terminal and Danford’s Marina. Don’t let the name fool you: this is not only a crochet friendly

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Crochet by Boat: Part 1—Altman’s Needlearts

The approach to Mattituck is a calming reprieve from the Atlantic. As you navigate your way through Gardiner Bay, marvel at the serenity of its island namesake and pass by Shelter Island, you are on the cusp of a new adventure in the bucolic hamlet of Mattituck.  The pleasant hum of the marina and welcoming

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