Ryan Hollist

Ryan took the steps into designing patterns in 2010 out of financial desperation. Since then he has found a deeper love of crocheting that surprises even him. Even in the face of crocheting under deadlines for publications and other paying customers, he enjoys the experience of creating something new and translating it into the directions for anyone else to recreate it.

Projects by Ryan Hollist

Sonic Swirl Shawl

This design, part of our Elemental Shawl Series, incorporates air’s natural ability to swirl and carry sound with the twisting, undulating waves that radiate out from the center. Made from a subtly variegated grey yarn, this airy shawl is reminiscent of a dusty wind storm.

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Dazzling Stardust Shawl

The Dazzling Stardust Shawl features a semi-circular, starburst design inspired by the stars in the sky. The sample is worked up in a bright and sunny sparkling yellow in honor of our own sun, the nearest star to our home. This advanced pattern makes a great accessory for any holiday or New Years party.

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Ethereal Lattice Shawl

The Ethereal Lattice Shawl uses the fillet crochet style to create a rectangular wrap depicting swirling paths around a geometric mesh center. It’s truly a work of art that will instantly dazzle!

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Earthen Blocks Shawl

Made in an earthy 100% linen yarn, this earthy shawl evokes the simple beauty of nature. Drape it over your shoulders or wrap it around your body to keep warm on chilly summer nights.

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Raindrop Lace Shawl

This delicate Raindrop Lace Shawl is made from a beautiful watery-blue yarn spun from silk, to achieve a “liquid” drape, and seacell fibers, which comes from ocean grown kelp. Plus, make sure you check out the stunning Wheel of Fire shawl featured in February 2015.

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Wheel of Fire Shawl

The first in our Elemental Shawl Series, the Wheel of Fire Shawl, is made from a bold, fiery red yarn spun mostly from alpaca wool, one of the warmest fibers available. Made in a bright and fiery red, this intricate shawl is a surefire way to heat up this winter.

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