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Caspian Wood Regular Crochet Hook Set

Cost: $34.99 per set of eight.

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The Caspian Wood Crochet Hook Set is a gorgeous set of eight hooks, ranging in size from E to K. Each hook has a smooth finish and is deeply grooved to allow you to grip your yarn with ease. Plus, a small grip allows for the most comfortable crocheting possible. Work up smaller and more intricate and lacy projects with the smaller hooks or play around with plush, thicker yarn with the larger hooks. Each hook is 6” in length and is a gorgeous swirl of blues and greens.

Easyloop Fauxchet Yarn Tool

Cost: $9.99 per tool.

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Want to learn a new crochet technique that borrows from knitting? Learn how to crochet with a needle with the Easyloop Fauxchet yarn tool. Depending on the type of technique you choose, you can create something that more closely resembles knitting or something that’s more like the crochet you’re used to. Plus, it’s easy to add beads as you go instead of pre-stringing everything. Also included is a 16 page pocket size booklet packed with step-by-step photos for all of the stitch techniques.

Lanaloft Yarn

Cost: $7.40-$13.99 per skein, depending on color options.

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Lanaloft yarn from Brown Sheep Company is the high quality wool you need for your next project. Handmade in the US from local sheep, Lanaloft yarn is soft and ideal for any worsted weight projects from hats and scarves to bags and sweaters. Each skein is expertly spun and dyed to ensure vivid and vibrant colors for all colorways. Choose from any one of over 60 different color options including rich solids, heathered and monochromatic tones and gorgeously hand painted mixed color options.

Red Heart Cordial Yarn

Cost: $6.29 per 62 yard skein.

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Red Heart’s Cordial yarn is unique in that it isn’t technically yarn but a braided cord comprised of different colors. Best used with a K hook, Cordial can be used to make jewelry or even something a little more durable, like a small crochet rug. There are seven different colors to choose from, from neutrals to a more eclectic mix of color, and this 100% polyester yarn can be machine washed and dried for easy care.