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Ancient Arts Folk Art Collection

Cost: $25 per skein.

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Hand-dyed yarn allows for unique and vibrant colorways, and Ancient Arts Fibre definitely doesn’t disappoint. This collection of 30 colors is inspired by various folk art traditions from around the world, and each skein has its own mini history lesson included! Indulge in some history while you craft and learn something new.

Aunt Lydia’s Classic Size 10 Crochet Thread

Cost: $3.19 per skein.

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Red Heart is known for having high quality yarn for a low-cost and for offering just about every shade of yarn imaginable, and this size 10 crochet thread is no exception. Featuring solids and multi-color options, this thread is 100% cotton and is machine-washable for easy care. This yarn is best for smaller projects, but it can also be used for larger and lacier works.

Beaded Mini Crochet Hook Progress Keeper

Cost: $2.73

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If you need a crochet hook in a pinch, these little hooks are here to the rescue. Use as a zipper pull on your project bag or even as a stitch marker to help you remember which hook you used for your project.

Beginner Blanket Kit – Sophistication

Cost: $159.87 per kit.

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Project kits are all the rage, and this blanket kit is sure to be a hit this winter. For one price, this kit contains everything you need to crochet your own blanket, all in the colors specified in the photo. You’ll get the crochet and knit beginner blanket pattern as well as all the skeins of yarn you’ll need for this blanket, plus a tote bag to keep all your yarn organized. The provided crochet pattern is a beginner one, so this project kit is perfect for novices as well as for experienced crocheters who like the ease of having all their supplied curated for them.

Bernat Satin Yarn

Cost: $3.99 per skein.

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Using acrylic yarn doesn’t have to mean sacrificing color and texture. Thanks to Bernat’s Satin yarn line, you’ll discover an assortment of yarns that are soft and come in a variety of colors, including striking solids and soft pastels. At only $3.99 per skein, this affordable yarn is also a breeze to care for. It’s machine washable and dryable and feels great against the skin. Use it to make all sorts of handmade items, from baby wearables to adult sweaters and scarves.

Besweet Cotton Candy Yarn

Cost: $12 per 130-yard skein.

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With so many pastel hues to choose from, this yarn looks good enough to eat. Made by the team at Be Sweet, whose company was founded on the principle “be kind to others,” each line of yarn is 100 percent environmentally friendly, including this decadent Cotton Candy yarn. Machine washable and lightweight, this soft cotton DK yarn is perfect for a summer crochet project. Plus, you can feel good about supporting Be Sweet— a portion of its profits go to educational development programs in South Africa.

Black Sheep Society

Cost: $29-$34 ($40-$420)

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Crocheting, made easy. Now you can pick up an exclusive crochet-along every month with The Black Sheep Society. They box up all of the supplies you need to make the project and ship it right to your front door. It’s the greatest way to learn something new! Follow along online with the class and share your exciting projects with the rest of the society.

Bordeaux* Gradient Hand-dyed Merino Yarn

Cost: $18.40+

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This time of year calls for rich, warm colors that will make your crochet patterns come to life, which is exactly what the luxurious hues of this fingering weight yarn will do. Hand-painted, this yarn would add elegance to any design, especially an item for your winter wardrobe. And of course, who can resist a pink and maroon gradient so close to Valentine’s Day? Be sure to test out these love-ly colors on one of our February projects.

Busy Bee Polymer Clay Crochet Hook

Cost: $13.61

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This fabulous polymer clay crochet hook features an exquisite beehive design that will bring a touch of honey sweetness to your crochet projects. Designed for all skill levels from beginners to seasoned crochet experts, this novelty hook is available in a range of sizes for big and small projects. Cultivate your crochet hive with a beautifully designed polymer clay hook boasting a hand shaped beehive accompanied by tiny hand painted honey bees and flowers

Cabin in the Mountains Storage Pouch

Cost: $18.25

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Whimsical forest trees and snow-capped mountains grace the sides of this storage pouch. Made with cotton canvas, a metal zipper and a snowflake charm (which doubles as a stitch marker), this little pouch is perfect for tossing in your bag as you make your way up north.