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Caron Simply Soft Party Yarn – Black Sparkle

Cost: $4.29 per skein.

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Caron Simply Soft Party Yarn in Black Sparkle is the perfect yarn to work up glamorous gifts for your friends and family. The subtle sheen and sparkle add that something special to your projects, while having a fabulous drape and soft hand. Simply Soft Party is 99 percent acrylic and one percent polyester, meaning it’s completely machine washable and dryable while retaining its shape and feel. Versatile, easy to work with and sophisticated, Caron Party Yarn is the perfect yarn for any of your crochet projects.

Caspian Wood Regular Crochet Hook Set

Cost: $34.99 per set of eight.

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The Caspian Wood Crochet Hook Set is a gorgeous set of eight hooks, ranging in size from E to K. Each hook has a smooth finish and is deeply grooved to allow you to grip your yarn with ease. Plus, a small grip allows for the most comfortable crocheting possible. Work up smaller and more intricate and lacy projects with the smaller hooks or play around with plush, thicker yarn with the larger hooks. Each hook is 6” in length and is a gorgeous swirl of blues and greens.

Cedar Tree Branch Buttons

Cost: $16

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Finish off that cabin sweater with a natural touch by using these cedar buttons. Each button is hand cut by the maker and intricately wood burned. Sanded until smooth and sealed with beeswax for longevity, these buttons will make your sweater memorable and unique.

Ceramic Winter White Yarn Bowl

Cost: $48

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This ceramic yarn bowl with its stunning white glaze is a handcrafted masterpiece. With leaf imprints around the body and the intricate spiral for your yarn, this bowl will not be something to stash away when you’re done working. It will fit in elegantly with any style of home décor, and the handle makes it so easy to transport whenever you need to move to a new crochet spot.

Chicken Boots Double Double Project Bag

Cost: $36 per bag.

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The Double Double Project Bag from Chicken Boots is a sturdy vinyl bag that makes it possible to carry all your yarn and materials for your crochet works-in-progress. Featuring a drawstring handle, this bag will keep everything secure while you’re on the go. Plus, sections of the bag are see-through so you can always know what’s inside. No more misplacing your work – this bag is an organizer’s dream!

Clover Amour Steel Crochet Hooks

Cost: $8.95 per hook.

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Crocheting is more than just a hobby: it’s an outlet for both creativity and stress. Because of its multitude of benefits, many people enjoy crocheting daily. This means there’s more potential for joint pain to develop over time. Thanks to the special ergonomic design of Clover USA’s latest Amour steel crochet hooks, crocheters will discover a colorful array of hooks that are easy to hold … without any pain! Hooks are sold individually and in convenient sets.

Cocoknits Yarn Snips

Cost: $8.00 each

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Carrying a full-sized pair of scissors in your yarn tote is such a pain — but thanks to these little Yarn Snips, you no longer need to! Made of forged black steel, this handy tool can snip yarn with just a squeeze. The best part? They are designed for cutting yarn and not much else, so they’re less likely to get stolen for other tasks by other members of the family!

Colorful Mini Scissors

Cost: $4.00+

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A quality pair of scissors is an essential tool in every crocheter’s tool kit. These mini scissors are the best of both worlds—small and easy to store in any bag but still powerful enough to cut through all yarn sizes. In bright colors with comfortable handles and a cap for safe storage, these scissors have been crafted expressly for fiber crafts and will make your project time so much easier

Confetti Progress Keeper

Cost: $6.50

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This will immediately become your favorite stitch marker! We love all things cute and simple, these Confetti Progress Keepers are just that. You will enjoy your crocheting even more with the most adorable progress keepers. These little glass globes are filled with confetti, helping you find your place each and every time you return to your projects.

Creative Options Crochet Tote

Cost: $31.99 per tote.

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Every crocheter needs the perfect bag to tote their project along in, and the Creative Options Crochet Tote is just that. Purse-sized (13” x 5.5” x 8.875”) for easy mobility, this tote is your best option for a small project bag. If you’re meeting someone and running early, or you’re just looking to get out of the house and into a coffee shop, this bag is the perfect size to store a skein or two of yarn along with your everyday essentials. No matter where you go, this bag is going to go with you, and look good to boot.