Crochet scarf patterns are fabulous accessories all year round. Learn how to crochet a scarf for winter, spring, summer or fall with these simple crochet scarf patterns and see how easy it is to create a design that turns heads!

Crochet scarves are the essential fall and winter patterns – with so many styles to choose from, it’s easier than ever to find the perfect design and type to layer under your jacket or winter coat. Plus, they’re SO easy to make, it’s no wonder why they’re the default holiday or birthday gift for any new crocheter just starting out. A crochet scarf is the perfect combination of stylish, useful and oh-so-easy.

Explore various styles and choose the design that best fits your skill level. Give color changes and complex stitch patterns a try, or stick to a simple stitch pattern – the choice is yours!

Summer Moonlight Scarf

The breezy mesh pattern creates a scarf that is wide enough to be worn as a warm weather wrap, or wound around the neck in case of a little chill. This pattern is made with super fine weight yarn, but it won’t take a cosmic age to finish – with the yarn held doubled and a big hook, it will be ready to wear in a flash!

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