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You’ll Love This Easy Breezy Scarf

From: The August 2017 issue of I Like Crochet
Skill level: Easy

When you need just a little something to complete an outfit, choose the Sydney Harbors Scarf. Lightweight enough to wear in summer, you’ll want to wear from spring through fall. This open-weave scarf will accessorize everything from jeans and a t-shirt, to a sundress and

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4+ Crochet Dishcloths to Make Spring Cleaning a Breeze!

Springtime is around the corner—we promise! Crocuses will be popping, birds will be nesting, and our thoughts will turn to refreshing our homes—with crochet, of course. Quick crochet patterns like dishcloths and towels can help you with spring cleaning and organizing: whipping up a few of these beauties can whittle down your yarn stash in

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27+ Irresistible Shawls and Ponchos

Dear Crocheter,

Wrapping up in a handmade shawl or poncho is one of the perks of being a crocheter: not only can we enjoy creating the project, but also we can showcase our special creations by wearing them! Crocheted ponchos and shawls are a cold weather staple because of the versatility: dress them up when you

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Crochet the Popular Adventure Cowl Pattern

From: The August 2016 issue of I Like Crochet

Skill level: Easy

Ready for an adventure? Crochet this cowl!

The Adventure Cowl is an easy pattern that’s made from two different motifs, one crocheted with a bigger hook than the other. Both motifs are fun and quick to work, and they go together beautifully

The motifs are joined into

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DIY Lacy Crochet Tote for Your Spring Break Vacation!

From: The June 2017 issue of I Like Crochet

Skill level: Intermediate

Are you planning a beach vacation? We’ve got the perfect bag to take along—the Weekend Escape Tote!

Sharon Ballsmith’s design is both beautiful and practical. She used a shell stitch to design this bag, which is super sturdy and stretchy; just what you need when you’re

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Make this Dreamy Afghan with Freeform Crochet

From: The April 2018 issue of I Like Crochet
Skill level: Advanced

Blue skies! That’s what people say when anything is possible and there are no barriers. Can you imagine crocheting with no barriers, creating a design as you go? That’s what freeform crochet is all about, and this Dare to Dream Afghan project helps you make

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Go Bananas for These Charming Crochet Keychains!

From: The June 2018 issue of I Like Crochet
Skill level: Intermediate

Looking for a small crochet project that packs a lot of punch? You’ve found it in the Fruitful Purse Flair pattern. This set of fruit-inspired amigurumi keychains will add flair to any purse, backpack, or tote—instantly!

If you thought amigurumi only came in animal forms, then

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We Love ❤ This Country Basket Pattern

From: The August 2017 issue of I Like Crochet

Skill level: Easy

“I love this pattern!” is what crocheters say when they see the Checkered Country Basket design. And who wouldn’t love this fabulous checkerboard basket?

Use this graphic bag at the beach, the farmer’s market, or to store your yarn stash. You’ll want to show it off

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Pretty Up Your Kitchen Today

From: The August 2015 issue of I Like Crochet
Skill level: Beginner

Everyone loves a cheerful kitchen full of delicious aromas, family hubbub, and plenty of conversation. Cleaning up the kitchen? Not so much.

But when these pretty Kitchen Casuals Hanging Towels from I Like Crochet hang by your sink, you’ll approach dish washing with a whole new attitude!

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You Need This Easy Cardigan Pattern

Cascading Waterfall Cardigan

From: The February 2016 Issue of I Like Crochet

Skill level: Easy


Now, here is the holy grail of crochet sweater patterns—an easy cardigan that looks good on everyone! The Cascading Waterfall Cardigan, with its flowy shape and lightweight lace design, is the one you’ve been looking for.

What makes this cardigan such a winner? So many reasons! Because

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