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Make This Easy Crochet Shawl Today

Half Circle Crochet Shawl

From: The June 2014 Issue of I Like Crochet

Skill level: Easy

Searching for a beginner crochet pattern that makes you look like you’re an expert? The Half Circle Crochet Shawl pattern is for you!

When you wear this light and airy shawl—or give it as a gift—everyone will be impressed with your crochet skills. And no one

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Get the Prettiest Easy Throw Pattern Now

Criss Cross Crochet Shells Throw

From: The February 2015 Issue of I Like Crochet

Skill level: Easy


“Beautiful!” “Easy!” and “Very pretty!”—that’s what people who’ve made the Criss Cross Crochet Shells Throw say. And, can you blame them? Not only does this afghan pattern feature delicate shells and pretty shades of pink, but it’s a cinch to create!

If you’ve never tried the shell

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The PERFECT Crochet Bag for Spring

From: The August 2016 issue of I Like Crochet

Skill level: Easy

“Allons-y” is French for “let’s go,” which is what you’ll want to do when you finish this bag. It’s large enough to be an overnight bag, your new crochet bag, or even a carry on for your Spring Break trip!

Amanda Saladin’s Allons-y Bag pairs two-color

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Pretty Up Your Kitchen Today

From: The August 2015 issue of I Like Crochet
Skill level: Beginner

Everyone loves a cheerful kitchen full of delicious aromas, family hubbub, and plenty of conversation. Cleaning up the kitchen? Not so much.

But when these pretty Kitchen Casuals Hanging Towels from I Like Crochet hang by your sink, you’ll approach dish washing with a whole new attitude!

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We Love ❤ This Country Basket Pattern

From: The August 2017 issue of I Like Crochet

Skill level: Easy

“I love this pattern!” is what crocheters say when they see the Checkered Country Basket design. And who wouldn’t love this fabulous checkerboard basket?

Use this graphic bag at the beach, the farmer’s market, or to store your yarn stash. You’ll want to show it off

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One-Skein Crochet Wonders!

One-skein patterns are sometimes called “one-skein wonders,” and we think they deserve the moniker! It’s a wonder how many projects can be made from one skein of yarn. From sock yarn to worsted-weight or bulky yarn, we have patterns for that special skein that has been languishing in your stash for years.

Some of these fabulous

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Learn to Crochet with Beginner Patterns

Learning to crochet will open up a world of creativity, and I Like Crochet is here to help! We have a wonderful collection of beginner patterns that will help you develop skills as you become comfortable with the craft.

Create beautiful things as you discover the joy of crochet!

Why not practice your stitches on the

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Crochet This Lacy Top For Spring

From: The June 2016 Issue of I Like Crochet

Skill level: Intermediate

Spring is nature’s way of saying “let’s party”—and you’ll be ready with this light and swingy Dancing Dolman Diamond Top. Pretty and flattering on just about everyone, this pattern combines two lace motifs you’ll love to crochet and wear.

You know how it is in the

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On Trend: 5 Home Décor Patterns

Dear Crocheter,

Boho chic décor is right on trend, and crochet accessories are a big part of the look. Contemporary yet timeless, the blend of textile textures with mod and ethnic motifs makes this home décor style one anyone can warm up to. From afghans and rugs to wall hangings and pillows, it’s easy to create

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Not Your Nana’s Granny Square Blanket

From: The February 2018 issue of I Like Crochet

Skill level: Easy

If you think you know Granny Squares, think again! The New Easy Granny Blanket pattern will give you a whole new perspective—and you’ll love it! The pattern will hold your interest while you’re stitching and attract admirers when you’re finished.

This modern take on a classic

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