Milk + Honey Lotion Bars

Cost: $11-$12 per tin

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From washing dishes to daily crocheting, our hands take quite the beating during our day-to-day routine. Frequent exposure to water and chemicals found in soaps gradually robs our skin of its moisture, resulting in skin that’s cracked and dry. Thanks to products like Milk + Honey Lotion Bars, keeping skin moisturized has never been simpler. Made with soothing beeswax and Calendula flowers, Milk + Honey Lotion Bars are a solid, all-natural (and less greasy) alternative to lotion. Just open the tin and gently rub the bar over the dry area of skin. The heat from your body naturally melts the oils, allowing your skin to absorb the product as fast as possible. Bars come in a variety of scents including citrus, lavender, lemongrass and unscented.


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