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From: The April 2014 Issue of I Like Crochet

Skill level: Easy

Squirrel! Yes, Acorn, the amigurumi squirrel will grab your attention—and win your heart. This cute little critter has an impressive tail, big eyes, a black nose—and she’s even holding her favorite crocheted nut!

Acorn the Squirrel joins our collection of crochet amigurumi patterns that will delight you and your crochet friends— both young and old. If you’re not familiar with crocheted stuffed animals, they are inspired by the Japanese art of crocheting small, adorable, toys. The term amigurumi is a mash-up of the words for “crocheted or knitted” and “stuffed doll.”

Amigurumi go anywhere a stuffed animal would go. On top of your computer or desk, perched on a bedside table or shelf, in a school locker—and of course kids love to play with them! Make them big or small and insert pipe cleaners to make some of the parts flexible if you like. Many amigurumi patterns are animals, but you’re likely to find amigurumi tea cups, mermaids, cartoon characters, succulents,—and so on.

But, back to Acorn the Squirrel. This 3” x 5” cutie by crochet designer Tanya Eberhardt is easy to make—yes, amigurumi can be easy! The pattern is worked in the round from the top down, and you can use a magic ring to begin. You make each body part (and the acorn) separately, stitch them together, and stuff with your choice of filling before finishing.

The Acorn the (Crochet Amigurumi) Squirrel pattern from I Like Crochet includes:

  • Complete stitch instructions
  • List of materials, notions, and hook size
  • Pattern notes
  • Finishing instructions

You can make Acorn the Squirrel for yourself, a child, a friend—anyone who loves cute little stuffed animals. Whether your favorite squirrel is Rocky, Skrit, Sandy, or the one in your backyard, you will love the Acorn the (Crochet Amigurumi) Squirrel pattern.
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