Not Your Nana’s Granny Square Blanket

Get ready to make a Granny Square blanket like you’ve never seen

From: The February 2018 issue of I Like Crochet

Skill level: Easy

If you think you know Granny Squares, think again! The New Easy Granny Blanket pattern will give you a whole new perspective—and you’ll love it! The pattern will hold your interest while you’re stitching and attract admirers when you’re finished.

This modern take on a classic combines squares of different sizes in a patchwork style. It looks complicated, but—surprise—the New Easy Granny Blanket pattern is easy. You simply make the squares and join them. We give you a downloadable grid to make it foolproof.

Each round of the blanket is worked in a different color. You make seven of the large squares and 44 small squares. Using the grid provided as a guide, assemble the squares using the slip stitch. Finish with the border and picot edging. Done!

The color scheme shown in the New Easy Granny Blanket pattern is reminiscent of a Mondrian painting, emphasizing the modern look. But you can choose any color scheme you like. Choose earth tones and orange for a ‘70s throwback with a twist. Or how about neutrals with black for a sophisticated palette? Maybe mix it up by pulling from your stash to give the New Easy Granny Blanket more of a crazy quilt look. You can’t go wrong.

Tanya Eberhardt designed the New Easy Granny Blanket, along with many other patterns, for I Like Crochet. Tanya’s modern crochet aesthetic translates to scarves, clothing for kids and adults, and throws and blankets. Be sure to check out all her I Like Crochet patterns.

The New Easy Granny Blanket pattern includes:


  • Complete stitch instructions
  • List of materials, notions, and hook size
  • Pattern and special stitch notes
  • Downloadable blanket diagram
  • Finishing instructions

If you’ve always wanted to try a Granny Square pattern, or if you’re a pro but are looking for something a bit different, the New Easy Granny Blanket pattern is for you. It’s a visual feast that will instantly give your décor a lift.

Happy crocheting!

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  • Mary Schmidt

    I have paid for Gold membership in December. Why am I still getting ads to join In March? I also need more information on how to access the patterns promised.
    Thank you.

  • Reader Last

    Looking for instructions for joining granny squares besides whip stitch? Thx for your help. I am a great granny self teaching basic crochet. Blessings

  • Donna Nussenblatt

    I haven’t seen anything I would actually make. I live at the bottom of Florida and have no use for things to keep me any warmer than I already am. I hate cute crocheted decorative things. I only crochet lightweight tops. Please stop sending me your ads outside of email. I don’t want any extra icons popping up that require me to read anything other than email. I don’t time for that.


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