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Dear Crocheter,

Sometimes I find a crochet pattern I love and I just can’t wait to start it. So I get my yarn, my hooks, and I start chaining right away. And then I hit a big speed bump in the pattern: a crochet stitch abbreviation I either can’t remember or don’t recognize. So…off I go to my craft bookshelf to pull out my handy-dandy stitch guide. Ah; there it is. Back to work…

Now, I know a lot of crochet stitches. But do I use them all, all the time? Of course not. And honestly, sometimes I look at an abbreviation in a crochet pattern and think, What? I don’t know that stitch. But then I look it up and realize that, actually, I do. It just got lost in that tangle of yarn terms I carry around in my head.

Well, tangle your terms no more! Here at I Like Crochet, we’ve put together a clear, easy-to-read, Master Abbreviations Chart to make your crochet life so much simpler! Need a quick reminder of what tr2tog means? No worries! Just look it up on our handy chart and get back to your project!

Keep your I Like Crochet Master Abbreviations Chart handy!!

Some people are super wizzes when it comes to remembering crochet abbreviations; I am not one of those people. And who says you have to memorize every single crochet term? Don’t look at me! I have my I Like Crochet Master Abbreviations Chart right by my yarn bowl. And tacked up on the wall over my craft table. And laminated, in my yarn bag. And on my phone.

Research shows that crochet is good for your mental health: it nurtures creativity and makes crocheters feel calmer, happier, and more productive. Don’t let a cryptic abbreviation stress you out: look it up on our convenient chart and get back to the creative, relaxing work of crochet!

Request our FREE chart, I Like Crochet Master Abbreviations Chart, and you’ll save yourself a ton of time and aggravation trying to remember that one abbreviation or having to get up and go look it up before you can keep working on your project.

Get ready for a year of creative crochet! Get your I Like Crochet Master Abbreviations Chart today!


Caitlin Eaton
Executive Editor
I Like Crochet

P.S. Act now to get this FREE quick reference guide, I Like Crochet Master Abbreviations Chart—and never miss a stitch in your crochet projects!



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