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Sweet Macaroons

What a sweet way to enjoy your crochet! Make and display them for the perfect no-calorie treat. Create multiples in a wide array of colors to mimic the different flavors available. Designed by Nancy Anderson for Red Heart

Skill Level: Easy

Size: Size not listed 

Gauge: Gauge not critical 


Yarn: Red Heart Anne Geddes (80% acrylic, 20% nylon; 340 yards [310 meters]/100 grams): #702 Rosie (1 ball), #301 Teddy (1 ball), #504 Robin (1 ball), #203 Daffodil (1 ball), or #591 Posy (A, 1 ball) and #100 Lily (B, 1 ball)
Hook: US size D/3 (3.25 mm) hook
Notions: Fiberfill, stiff cardboard, stitch marker, yarn needle

Pattern Notes

Macaroons are worked in continuous rounds unless otherwise indicated. Place marker for beginning of round. Each cookie is worked in two halves which are joined around the middle using simple seaming technique. For seaming purposes, the half macaron that has the final round worked with B will be considered the top portion of the cookie.
Increases are off-set in order to maintain a circular shape and to prevent hexagon shaping.
For best results, insert one 5 cm [2″] diameter cardboard circle in between two halves when seaming. This will provide a firm foundation for the stuffing in the upper and lower portion and will maintain better cookie shaping. Stuff cookies lightly.


Macaroon Half (Make 2 with Same Color for Each Macaroon)

With A, ch 2.
Rnd 1: Work 6 sc in first ch. Place marker in first st for beginning of round. (6 sts)
Rnd 2: 2 sc in each st around. (12 sts)
Rnd 3: *Sc in next st, 2 sc in next st; repeat from * around. (18 sts)
Rnd 4: *Sc in next 2 sts, 2 sc in next st; repeat from * around. (24 sts)
Rnd 5: *Sc in next st, 2 sc in next st, sc in next 2 sts; repeat from * around. (30 sts)
Rnd 6: *Sc in next 2 sts, 2 sc in next st, sc in next 2 sts; repeat from * around. (36 sts)
Rnd 7: *Sc in next st, 2 sc in next st, sc in next 4 sts; repeat from * around. (42 sts)
Rnd 8: *Sc in next 5 sts, 2 sc in next st, sc in next st; repeat from * around. (48 sts)
Rnd 9: *Sc in next 6 sts, sc2tog; repeat from * around, slip st in first st. (42 sts)
Fasten off.

On One Half Macaroon Piece Only

Rnd 10: Add B to back loop of any st with a slip st, ch 1, sc in same back loop and in each back loop around, joining to last st with a slip st.
Fasten off, leaving long 15” (38 cm) tail for sewing Halves together.


Thread long tail of B on yarn needle. Holding last rounds of both Halves pieces together with right sides facing outwards, begin whipstitching two halves together. *Insert needle through both loops last round of B, then across to corresponding front loop on opposite cookie Half; repeat from * to sew half around, leaving a space for inserting cardboard circle and fiberfill.
Insert cardboard circle and stuff lightly on either side of circle. Circle should be located right along B round, dividing stuffing into 2 parts.
Sew remaining section closed.
Weave in ends. yarn ball

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