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Celtic Dream Basket CAL: The Finishing Touches

September Crochet Along

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 Janaya Chouinard’s oh-so-soft and versatile Celtic Dream Basket is finally ready for completion! After this stage, it will be all yours—lovingly fill it with important household items, use it to carry your books on a relaxing Sunday afternoon at the park, or stuff it with blankets to act as a pouf in a photo shoot.

Celtic Dream Basket

There are two ways you can choose to finish this design: with handles or a drawstring. Both are great options, so you can’t go wrong (and you could even make more than one version so you don’t have to decide!).

Drawstring Option

Round 20: Ch 2, dc in each stitch around, join in first dc (92)
Round 21: Sl st in each stitch around, join and fasten off (92)
Tie: Make a chain that is approximately 60 inches long and weave it through the DC stitches. Tie in a secure bow.

Handles Option

Round 20 – 21: Ch 1, sc in each stitch around, join (92)
Round 22: Ch 1, sc 20, chain 6, skip 6 stiches, sc in next stitch 40 stiches, chain 6, skip 6 stiches, sc in next 20 stiches, join (80 sc, 12 ch)
Round 23: Ch 1, sc in each stitch (including chain stitches) around, join (92)
Round 24: Ch 1, sc in first 20 stitches, *working AROUND the chain and the stitches from the previous round – make 10 sc*, now working normally – sc in next 40 stiches, repeat instructions between *, sc in next 20 stitches, join (100)
Round 25: Sl st in each stitch around, join and fasten off (100)

For a printable version of the entire pattern, click here for the pdf version: Celtic Dream Basket Crochet Along.
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  • I look forward to using this Pattern and to make presents for friends, was looking for something different and personal, Thankx

  • Mrs A.

    I love this pattern and how you have made it so easy to get the pattern, no fuss wonderful. Unfortunately I I am not computer savvy enough nor able to use an iPad. Sorry about that. I do love the Celtic Basket Pattern and will enjoy very much making it. Thanks.


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