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Relax with the Cottage By The Sea Crochet Collection

Turn your home into a beachside oasis with 18 seaworthy accessories.

Bring the aura of sand, sun, shells, and a seaside breeze into your home with 18 beachy patterns.

Dear Crocheter,

Your home is your oasis. But what if that oasis was a cottage nestled on a hill overlooking the gentle waves of a crystal blue ocean? The cool sea breeze wanders in through your open windows and in the distance, you can hear the relaxing sound of the water moving in and out with the tide. You take a deep breath and the salty air fills you with a sense of calm.

Sounds nice doesn’t it? We can’t all live in a cottage by the sea, but with the pieces in the Cottage By The Sea Crochet Collection, we can make our homes feel like they’re nestled in a quaint waterfront village. Sandy shores, sea glass treasures, and the perfect summer ice cream cone are all waiting for you. So let’s pick up our favorite crochet yarns and make our homes, no matter where they are, relaxing beachside bungalows.

The Cottage By The Sea Crochet Collection features pillows, throws, blankets, afghans, totes, rugs, coasters, and more, all inspired by island waters, endless waves, bonfires on the beach, and clear skies that reach toward distant shores.

Take, for example, the beachy vibe of the Welcome to Paradise Pillow. This pillow uses color to set the stage for a tranquil day on the sand. Embellished with seagulls, shells, and an umbrella with fringe, this 12 x 12 pillow is almost as picturesque as the real thing.

Or take a gander at the Coastal Flower Coasters, from Janaya Chouinard. These little flowers bring the beauty of a seacoast summer into your home, and they’re small enough (and easy enough) that you can use up all those extra lengths of yarn to make them.

Here are some of the projects you can look forward to in the Cottage By The Sea Crochet Collection:

The Sand Dollar Throw, from Lorene Eppolite, features soothing shades of tan, white, and jade to evoke soft sand, clear waters, and white sand dollars. The beachy shades of this intermediate-level granny-square afghan is a great way to bring a seaside essence into your home no matter where you live.

The resulting piece is over four feet wide and nearly six feet long, so you’ll have plenty of blanket to curl up with or share if you so desire. Better yet, bring it along to the beach to keep you warm while you watch the sun turn the sky pink, orange, and red as it sets over the water.

Designer Hanni Banszki brings us the Driftwood Wind Chime. This quick project will bring a peaceful coastal aura to your home with its combination of natural and crochet elements. It’s also a wonderful way to display your beach treasures.

Crocheted sea creatures like crabs, turtles, octopi, fish, scallops, and shells hang from driftwood while your collection of found shells bookends the piece.

Every design in the Cottage By The Sea Crochet Collection comes with:

  • Complete stitch instructions
  • List of materials, notions, and hook size
  • Pattern and special stitch notes
  • Finishing instruction
  • Full color, detailed photographs of each pattern

So you’ll have no trouble creating the pieces you want to enhance your home.

While you’re looking through the Cottage By The Sea Crochet Collection, don’t miss our curated collection of Ocean Themed Crochet Products, like the adorable Anchor Buttons or the handmade ceramic Octopus Yarn Bowl.

Then check out some of the other projects, like the easy-to-make Clear Skies Bath Rug, or the Sandy Starfish and Beachy Bliss Shell Dishcloths. A visit to the kitchen will feel more like a day at the beach!

Whether you want a complete makeover or you just want to spruce up one room with an oceanside theme, the designs in the Cottage By The Sea Crochet Collection are here to help. And if you love the water, be sure to check out some of these other beach-inspired collections:

  • The Coastal Cool Crochet Collection
  • The Tropical Getaway Crochet Collection
  • The Nautical Crochet Collection
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And even with all this, there’s still so much more. The complete I Like Crochet library includes more than 700 patterns, from sunny and bright blankets to stunning wraps to fresh summer tops and plenty of classic crochet designs. Take a look through the hundreds of patterns right now with your I Like Crochet Gold Club Charter Membership. You’ll get designs and articles, step-by-step instructions, video tutorials and full-color photographs of each project, all in our library.

And remember, every pattern in the Cottage By The Sea Crochet Collection, and in fact every pattern we share includes all the information you need for a fun and successful crochet experience:

  • Complete stitch instructions
  • List of materials, notions, and hook sizes
  • Pattern and special stitch notes
  • Finishing instruction
  • Full color, detailed photographs of each pattern

And the library of photos and video tutorials is gorgeous, inspiring, and practical—showing you exactly how your finished patterns should look and exactly how to execute even the difficult ones!


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