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Snowflake Coasters CAL: The Finished Piece

December Crochet Along

Crochet Along (1)


The holidays are so close, I’m already tasting the peppermint and sugar cookies. The last stage of Janaya Chouinard’s Snowflake Coasters has arrived, and the finishing details are waiting to be added. This easy pattern produces beautiful results, and the inside of your house can soon become a winter wonderland.

Don’t forget to refer back to the previous post if you need a refresher on the gorgeous picot stitch. Just like snowflakes, your coasters are uniquely yours, so be proud of this project once you’re done!

P.S. Although it might be the last piece to the December puzzle, don’t worry: we’ll be back in January with a fresh 2017 design.

Snowflake Coasters (photo taken with Olympus)


Pick back up here from last time:

If using two colors, fasten off and join new color in first stitch.

Round 3: Ch 2, in first st *make 3 dc, skip 1 st, in next st work [dc, ch 2, dc], skip 1 st*, repeat between * back to start, join in first dc (30 dc, 6 ch-2 spaces)

Round 4: Ch 1, *sc 1, in next st work [sc, 1 picot, sc], sc in next st, skip next dc, working into ch-2 space make [sc, hdc, dc, make 3 picots in a row, sl st in top of the dc stitch to anchor picots, hdc, sc], skip next dc*, repeat between * back to start, join in first sc (54 sts, not including picots)

Fasten off and weave in ends.


For a printable PDF version of this pattern, click here: Snowflake Coasters Crochet Along.
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  • Melissa s.

    Ann Magee – The picots are a chain 3 then slip stitch to the bottom of the chain to anchor it. Most patterns will tell you how many to chain but this one assumes that you know to do 3 stitches.

  • I don’t get how to do the picots at all. That round is confusing me. Could you explain it a bit more please? Thank you.

  • Maxine A.

    Thanks for part of the Snowflake coaster pattern. Would like first two rounds please. Thanks.

    • Hello Sara,
      To view the first 2 steps of the coaster, click on the link with the back arrow “Snowflake Coasters CAL: Next Steps” below the designer name. I hope this helps. If you need anything else, please do not hesitate to leave a comment.


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