Tag: 25 Hour Pattern

Nora Sweater Vest

The Nora Sweater Vest is a versatile pattern suitable for all skill levels. With clear instructions and straightforward stitches, it’s accessible for beginners and enjoyable for experienced crocheters. Featuring the iconic houndstooth stitch, this classic design adds elegance and sophistication to any outfit, effortlessly complementing your personal style with a retro charm. The captivating texture of the houndstooth stitch enhances the overall aesthetic of the garment, making it a timeless and eye-catching piece.

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Cori Granny Square Waterfall Vest

This waterfall-front vest is made up of individual Granny Squares that are joined together using a Join As You Go method, leaving the openings for the arms. This method allows you to join all the motifs together in one continuous round, eliminating any need for seaming or weaving the ends. After joining, the border and the armhole opening are finished, and fringe applied to the front of the Vest.

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