Tag: Work of Heart

Roses are Red Vest

Crochet an easy vest pattern in one piece with a shawl collar, textured stitch, and button closure. Pair this textured vest with a long sleeved or short sleeved shirt depending on how warm it will be on Valentine’s day!

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Love Me Knot Wristlet

Wristlets are all the rage now and this one would be one of the most unique with its Celtic Knot Heart and eye-catching color combination. A simple twist on the basic single crochet stitch makes a knit-looking fabric for the base and the knot is woven from a simple crocheted cord.

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Heart Warming Blanket

Using the basic granny square motif and some creative color changing techniques, this soft and snuggly blanket will be the perfect addition to your loved one’s room. It’s cozy, squishy, and evergreen even after Valentine’s day which makes us love it even more!

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