Hooked on Halos: 4 Heavenly Crochet Angel Patterns
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Angel crochet patterns aren’t just for the holidays! These adorable designs are perfect for gift giving year round. From a classic ornament to an adorable angel doll, you’re bound to fall in love with these heavenly patterns.


Gloria is about 8” tall and will look cute sitting on your child’s bedside table for evening prayers. This is an easy pattern and would be a great project for a last-minute gift. Read More 

Crochet Cherub Ornament

Let this little cherub add an angelic touch to your Christmas décor. Beginner friendly and made in only four separate pieces, you’ll want to keep this cherub in a special place. This ornament is a great gift for your friends from church. Read More 

Halo Hooded Angel Blanket

Wrap up your littlest angel in this precious hooded baby blanket that features its own crocheted halo. Made with soft, velvety yarn, this blanket draws inspiration from quilt blocks and features a unique angel design that appears when the blanket is laid flat. Read More 

Divine Angel Crochet Doll

This darling Crochet Angel shares her calming spirit with all who behold her. Whether perched on your dining table as the centerpiece or snuggled by a grateful child, this amigurumi angel is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Hook this little haloed beauty and let her bring peace and joy to your heart all year long! Read More