The Vintage Crochet Collection: 4 New Patterns Inspired by Nostalgic Designs
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In search of classic pieces that will never go out of style? This selection of vintage-inspired crochet patterns takes the best trends of yesteryear and applies them to fresh designs for a result that’s truly timeless. Featuring a charming crochet pillow and a classic granny tank, you’ll discover something for both your home and your wardrobe in this classic collection.


Brilliant green and yellow hues bring this cardigan to life. With a chunky collar and cozy pockets, this cardigan is bursting with vintage charm. Read More 

Mitered squares in muted tones come together to make a pillow worthy of your thrifted vintage chair in your reading room. Classic to crochet, this pillow brings back visions of yesteryear. Read More 

More than often, we are surprised to realize the newest creations work because they freshen up a classic. Granny square for example, is one of the most traditional forms of crochet, however it never gets old. With a touch of retro colors and hypnotizing lines, this granny square top definitely gives you a trendy look. Read More 

Edith is a sweet summer dress that is breezy and full of vintage style. With a vibrant orange neckline, and gorgeous lacy details, this little dress is sure to make a statement. Read More