The Crochet Blanket Collection: 9 Favorite Patterns
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easy granny blanket

Gone are the days of basic granny squares in boring colors. Spice up the tradition with granny squares that are crocheted in various sizes to give this blanket a patchwork feel. The layout of this blanket and the added border will keep you interested and excited throughout the crochet process. Read More 

This is a beautiful pillow and throw set that follows a hexagon tile pattern from the Middle East. The tile pattern is translated beautifully into crochet for a stunning way to brighten up your favorite chair. Read More 

The ever-so-popular Criss Cross Throw from February 2015 gets a fun update! Now featuring shades in bright blue, teal and gray, the dainty shells in this bluesy crochet shells throw really pop. Throw it over the couch or use it as a throw for a bed, this pattern is perfect to use all winter long. Read More 

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