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How do I block my projects?

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Hi Carol,

I use to never block my finished crochet projects. I didn’t understand the point of it. I would finish a project and be so excited, and impatient, to wear or send off to its intended recipient. But after many years of crocheting I’ve come to learn the noticeable transformation blocking makes on the final

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“I cannot seem to make a motif more than four sides. My triangles are triangles and squares are squares. But when supposed to be five or more sides, mine end up round! What can I do?”

Crocheters love motifs. Motifs are fun, great little projects to carry around, and quick to complete for that instant gratification. They also offer so much versatility in shape, color, and texture. The possibilities are endless.

But motifs can be tricky to work. And Carol, you are not alone in your quest to make those corners not

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HELP! I have been asked to make a baby blanket in varying shades of really dark colors (think camo) and I’m having so much trouble seeing what I’m doing and end up with the worst headaches. Do you have any suggestions or advice?

Hi Christi — you are certainly a great sport for taking on that dark project! Working with dark yarns can be a real pain in the eye, but over the years I have come up with a few tried and true tricks to help your work in progress (WIP) get going without giving you a

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My crochet edges are uneven! I have so much trouble figuring out where things go like ‘top of turning chain’ and ‘last stitch of the row’ are, so I guess and I know it messes things up. Do you have any pointers to get me on the right track?

Sarah, I can’t tell you how many times I hear this exact same question! Very honestly, once you learn the basic stitches, getting your pieces even is the next hardest thing.

To begin with, let’s practice with something simple like a small washcloth. Working on a small project while you practice will give you more confidence

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I have been a crafter all my life, but being a left handed crocheter, I have struggled with my projects coming out looking like my right handed friends. Do you have any tips for me?  How about video or book suggestions?

Hi Rachel,

You know, this is such a common question among left handed crafters.  It’s something we all struggle with.  In truth, I am also left handed, and struggled with this a great deal while growing up.  My solution was to learn to do everything right handed, but I know that this isn’t the best response

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“I’m making a crochet piece as a gift but I want to make sure the recipient cares for it properly! What are your tips for taking care of crocheted pieces?”

Caring For Your Crochet Piece

I have one reoccurring nightmare when it comes to crochet — that I’ll give someone a piece that I labored over for weeks and they’ll ruin it when they go to wash it.  Luckily, nobody has given me back a piece that they’ve ruined, but I thought that we should talk

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I struggle with my stitches being too tight, and my projects are always the wrong size when I’m done.  I’m about to throw all my yarn away and give up.  Help!

Don’t worry Marlene, you aren’t alone!  Stitches that are too tight is a common problem and one that can easily be remedied.  When I am teaching, adjusting the tightness of stitches is often one who class and I hope we can help you get stitches that you’re happy with.

For many, the reason for tight stitches

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I’m just beginning to learn crochet. I’m making a long scarf and will need more than one ball of yarn. Is it hard to switch yarn or add in another ball?

Hi Darcy,

Congrats on beginning your crochet journey! You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to learn all of the different techniques along the way.  My first piece of advice is to simply remind you that things may not come out perfectly right away, but keep practicing and don’t give up.

Now, for your question on

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