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A Dynamic Collection of Blanket Patterns

Learn 9 new ways to crochet blankets! Our dynamic collection of crochet blanket patterns is ready when you are as part of your I Like Crochet Gold membership.

What do a favorite child, a graduation, and a new home have in common? They’re all the perfect excuses to try out a new crochet blanket pattern! Who

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The Raffia Crochet Collection: Beautiful, Breezy Patterns

Dear Crocheter,

When warm breezes blow, meet them head-on with a stylish hat you make yourself. Hats and more are part of our Raffia Crochet Collection, with plenty of summer breeze inspiration!

You’ll turn heads when you wear your own Beach Happy Raffia Hat. This floppy hat has a vented crown to keep you cool in the

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Crochet Something Wonderful This Weekend

Shawls, blankets, pillows, and more—pick a project and finish it in a weekend. Our Dynamic Collection of Weekend Patterns is ready for you to hook as part of your I Like Crochet Gold membership.

Ahh, the weekend. Some people run errands, some people go out on the town, but we crochet mavens reach for our hooks

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Learn a New Stitch! Bavarian Crochet Tutorial

When you’re looking for a crochet stitch that has dimension, texture, and style, look no further than the beautiful Bavarian stitch. Traditionally worked in two or more colors, the Bavarian stitch is perfect for afghans, purses, shawls, baby blankets, table runners, and any other project that demands the “wow” factor.

Bavarian is a favorite among crocheters

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Lace and Romance: A Regency Era Crochet Collection

Dearest Reader,

Welcome to “Lace and Romance: A Regency Era Crochet Collection,” where the elegance and allure of a bygone era are woven into every intricate stitch. While our inspiration may draw from a certain period drama set in the lavish world of Regency England, let us simply say that these patterns are “Bridgerton-Inspired,” evoking the

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The Chevron Collection: 13 Fresh Classics to Crochet

Join the I Like Crochet Gold Club today and discover the classic (and gorgeous) chevron pattern with 13 designs you’ll love.

The chevron pattern is a classic crochet staple. Vintage chevron designs look great, and the pattern pairs well with modern designs and colors, too. The new classics in this collection are fashionable and fresh with

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