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15 Exclusive Winter Wonders to Crochet Now

Spring may not be here yet, but it’s on the way, and the projects in the latest issue of I Like Crochet will have you ready when it gets here and keep you warm until it does.

Welcome to the February 2021 edition of I Like Crochet! Though we’re still deep into winter, the days are

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Stunning! Denver Sunset Shawl


There’s a reason why people stand in awe of sunsets. The changing colors—from blues, to purples, to pinks, oranges, and golds—never cease to amaze. Well, you can capture the wondrous colors of a sunset—and wear them, too—with the Denver Sunset Shawl.

Sunsets on the mountains, like the stately Rockies, are even more spectacular because the colors

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The 25 Crochet Patterns You Loved the Most in 2020

Blankets, beanies, cozies, cowls, scrunchies, and scarves. They’re all on our list of the best patterns from this year. How many of them did you make? Join the I Like Crochet Gold Club today and get your collection of our most popular projects!

It’s so hard to believe a new year is just around the corner!

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We Love ❤ This Country Basket Pattern

“I love this pattern!” is what crocheters say when they see the Checkered Country Basket design. And who wouldn’t love this fabulous checkerboard basket?

Use this graphic bag at the beach, the farmer’s market, or to store your yarn stash. You’ll want to show it off wherever you go.

The Checkered Country Basket starts off with the

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This Criss Cross Crochet Shells Throw is SO Popular!

Criss Cross Crochet Shells Throw

“Beautiful!” “Easy!” and “Very pretty!”—that’s what people who’ve made the Criss Cross Crochet Shells Throw say. And, can you blame them? Not only does this afghan pattern feature delicate shells and pretty shades of pink, but it’s a cinch to create!

If you’ve never tried the shell crochet stitch, this is your chance to learn. It’s

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The Throwback Thursday Jacket

This sunshiny summer pattern is just right for a cool summer night. You can start on it right now when you join the I Like Crochet Gold Club today!

Handmade fashion is always in style, and there are some good reasons for that, especially when it’s something as fun as this Throwback Thursday Jacket! Classic granny

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5+ Must-Have Crochet Secrets from the Experts

Do you want to take your crochet projects from good to great? We’re here for you! Each issue of I Like Crochet features several how-to articles from your favorite designers and crochet experts. We learn something new with every issue, too. There’s so much to know about our beloved craft—it’s a life-long learning opportunity!

Working the

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Learn a New Stitch! Bavarian Crochet Tutorial

When you’re looking for a crochet stitch that has dimension, texture, and style, look no further than the beautiful Bavarian stitch. Traditionally worked in two or more colors, the Bavarian stitch is perfect for afghans, purses, shawls, baby blankets, table runners, and any other project that demands the “wow” factor.

Bavarian is a favorite among crocheters

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The Chevron Collection: 5 Fresh Classics to Crochet

Join the I Like Crochet Gold Club today and discover the classic (and gorgeous) chevron pattern with 5 designs you’ll love.

The chevron pattern is a classic crochet staple. Vintage chevron designs look great, and the pattern pairs well with modern designs and colors, too. The new classics in this collection are fashionable and fresh with

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