Four Tips for Crochet Cable Stitches

Hi Amber,

Cables are a beautiful way to add texture and interest to your crochet projects, but if you have never worked a cable before it can be a bit intimidating. Like you, I love the look of crochet cables and in the beginning, I was nervous to try the technique because of how the stitch

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How to Treble Crochet

The treble crochet stitch is a slightly more involved double crochet stitch – if you can double crochet, you can learn how to treble crochet. The triple crochet stitch follows the same general format of the double, only instead of yarning over once before you start your stitch, you will yarn over twice. This double yarn over to start will add height to your stitches (which leads to a quicker project!).

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How To Upcycle Clothes with Filet Crochet

Imagine this: you grab your favorite pair of jeans and discover there’s a huge rip in them – and not the kind that could pass for the on-trend distressed jeans either. What do you do? It’s time to toss them, right? The answer isn’t as straightforward as you might think.

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How To Prevent Pain While Crocheting: Self Care for the Avid Crocheter

Repetitive and calming, crocheting can be a very effective way to de-stress, wind down and soothe your soul after a hectic day. Over time, however, you may develop pains resulting from the very thing that is soothing about crochet, its repetitiveness. Unfortunately, pain is something that yarn crafters deal with from time to time. Repetitive motions in the hands and/or wrists can often cause cramping or sharp pains that make it hard to finish that big project! Luckily, a lot of pain can be avoided or alleviated with some basic adjustments to your form, posture and tools. 

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Battenberg Bag Crochet Along

Welcome to the I Like Crochet + American Crochet Association CAL! 
We will be making the Battenberg Bag by Salena Baca together!
If you love classic granny squares, you’ll love this modern twist on a Granny Square Bag!
Ready to join this Crochet Along Challenge?
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How To Make a Magic Ring

Magic Ring, Magic Circle, Magic Loop — you might see these at the beginning of a lot of crochet patterns! All meaning the same thing, this is a crochet technique that will help you get started crocheting the pattern with ease.

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Criss Cross Crochet Shell Stitch Photo Tutorial

Many crochet patterns are worked from one side to another and either upward (increasing rows) or outward (increasing rounds), but it is possible to add some variety into your stitch repertoire with the cross stitch. Learn how to insert an x-shaped cross stitch seamlessly into your work with this easy to follow tutorial.

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Back Post Treble Crochet Tutorial (bptr)

Use these stitches to create a nice and open ribbing that’s great for scarves and anything that needs a little texture. Just like single and double post stitches, you’ll be working in the front and the back of the posts of treble crochet stitches. The result is absolutely amazing!

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