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Four Simple Ways to Store and Care for Your Crochet

Crochet blocking materials

Crocheting a handmade gift takes time. Not only time, but it takes money. You spend a decent amount of both picking out and purchasing the perfect yarn for your next project – whether it’s a grandchild’s baby blanket, a lovely sweater for your mother or a cozy pair of socks for your sick friend. After

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Discover the Secret to Great Granny Squares

Granny Squares

Grannies, aka granny squares, are the epitome of the awesomeness that is crochet. They can be big and bulky, fun and quirky and even sleek and elegant. I remember the first time I saw a granny square. It was one my sister made. She signed up for a beginning crochet class at the local library

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Solid Glo Blue – Spiral Yarn Bowl

The solution for taking a yarn bowl on the go has arrived. These 3D-printed yarn bowls are lightweight, durable and easy to throw into a project bag to take on the go. After the bowls are printed, the are hand sanded to eliminate any rough spots so that your yarn can glide through with ease.

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Cocoknits Yarn Snips

Carrying a full-sized pair of scissors in your yarn tote is such a pain — but thanks to these little Yarn Snips, you no longer need to! Made of forged black steel, this handy tool can snip yarn with just a squeeze. The best part? They are designed for cutting yarn and not much else,

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Vickie Howell for Della Q Market Tote

Tired of your tote bag toppling over? The wide, flat base on this tote will keep your small/medium projects safely upright. Neutral paired with a pop of color, this tote is cute and functional with a coordinating zip pouch that snaps to the inside of the bag!

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WEBS Blocking Essentials Kit

New to the blocking world? This kit has everything you need to help you create that professional look to your finished items, including Wool Wash, blocking pins and a blocking mat with built-in grid lines. When you’re finished blocking, simply roll up the mat for easy storage!

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