Find our favorite crochet bag patterns including crochet purses, totes, gift bags and more.

Love Me Knot Wristlet

Wristlets are all the rage now and this one would be one of the most unique with its Celtic Knot Heart and eye-catching color combination. A simple twist on the basic single crochet stitch makes a knit-looking fabric for the base and the knot is woven from a simple crocheted cord.

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Misty Morning Tote

This handy project is simple yet sophisticated. Generously sized with crochet cables, this bag will fit your needs for trips to the library or much-needed weekend getaways. Sew in a liner to make it extra sturdy.

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Adventure-Ready Tote

When you decide it’s time for a quick and spontaneous vacation, you need a tote that can stand up to the challenge. Roomy and beautifully striped, this bag is the ideal travel companion. Plus, since it’s quick to crochet, you can whip it up easily while planning all the stops on your trip.

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Weekend Escape Tote

With its strong and stretchy design, this tote is prepared for all your beach essentials. Perfect for finding shells on the beach, this tote will let all of the sand stay on the beach as you walk home. Not only is it useful, but it also sports a chic lacy design that suits the season perfectly.

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