Crochet your own dishcloths with these easy crochet dishcloth patterns! See how easy it is to keep your kitchen clean and orderly with these simple crochet patterns and always have some cloths on hand to deal with any unexpected messes, big or small!

Crochet dishcloth patterns can be very easy to make and completely beginner-friendly by using a simple stitch pattern and one solid color throughout. You can always add some flair by mixing in multiple colors or by trying your hand at a more complicated stitch pattern – in fact, these dishcloth patterns are a perfect way of practicing new stitches!

Try using special “scrubby” yarn in order to give your crochet dishcloth patterns that tough grit they need to bust through the toughest caked-on messes.

Star-Spangled Dishcloth

Worked in single crochet rows following a chart for the color changes, you’ll be able to practice your tapestry crochet technique using this beautiful pattern.  Carry the second color across the blue stitches as done in tapestry crochet technique.

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Fruit Party Set

There is nothing more refreshing than having fresh fruit on a table during summertime. Pears, grapes and oranges are some of summer’s best and these crocheted versions are no exception. Each silverware holder has a matching coaster to liven up the dining room table.

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Americana Kitchen Set

“American Gothic” by Grant Wood was painted in 1930, however, the print on the woman’s apron is indicative of the 19th century. The farm women of the 19th century were true artists, turning fabric scraps into amazing and useful household items. The Americana Kitchen Set is a tribute to the women of that time period who worked tirelessly turning a house into a home. The trivet is representation of a braided rug and the dishcloth is constructed in the popular log cabin quilt block pattern.

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