Darla Fanton

Darla J. Fanton has been a needlework designer for over thirty years. Perhaps best known for her pioneering work with Tunisian and the double-ended crochet hook, Darla enjoys all forms of crochet. She is constantly experimenting to discover what new spin she can put on traditional crochet stitches. As well as designing for numerous magazines and yarn companies Darla shares her love of crochet through teaching at her local yarn shop, Knitting Bee in Portland, OR www.theknittingbee.com and at conferences throughout the country.  You can view more of her designs at www.ravelry.com/designers/darla-j-fanton.

Projects by Darla Fanton

Brenna Triangular Scarf

Working with a double-ended crochet hook creates a wonderfully soft reversible fabric with the delightful surprise of a different predominant color on each side. The triangular shape provides lots of options for styling.

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Strawberry Mango Towel

Using a double-ended crochet hook, create a cheerful kitchen towel, then display it with either the mango yellow side or bright strawberry side showing. You’ll love the amount of cheer this adds to your kitchen décor!

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Strawberry Mango Dishcloth

Use a double-ended crochet hook to create a dishcloth that does double duty. One side features a scrubby yarn, while the other side features soft cotton for when a gentle wipe is all that is needed.

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Tidepool Tunisian Shawlette

Create a lovely patchwork-look shawlette without sewing! Worked in diagonal rows of Tunisian Mitered Squares, each successive square is picked up from the previous one. You’ll love the interesting mixture of solid and striped blocks that this design provides.

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Sweetwater Cowl

The self-striping yarn does all the work as you create the peaks and valleys of this easy ripple pattern. Seam the short ends, nestling the peaks into the valleys for a continuous loop.

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Autumn Sunrise Infinity Scarf

With all the colors of an autumnal sunrise contained in one skein of yarn, let the yarn create subtle color shifts for you as you work through an easy crochet pattern. End off with a shell edging on either side of the center panel for a lovely finishing touch.

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