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New Crochet Books for Early Summer 2024

Embark on a journey through the world of crochet with this diverse round-up of book reviews, featuring a range of inspiring projects and techniques. From Olga Panagopoulou’s exploration of natural yarns in “Radiant Raffia” to Colleen Lynch’s charming crochet girl designs in “Crochet Girls,” each book offers unique opportunities for creativity and skill-building. Whether you’re drawn to quick and easy projects like Melody Griffiths’ “Quick & Easy Crochet” or seeking a deeper dive into specialized techniques like Tunisian crochet in “Tunisian Crochet – The Japanese Way,” there’s something for every crocheter to discover and enjoy. Explore the intricate patterns of 19th-century Guernsey fisherman’s sweaters with Annie’s “Learn to Crochet Gansey Dishcloths,” or indulge in the whimsical world of mini amigurumi with Paraskevi Vainopoulou’s delightful creations in “Mini Amigurumi.” Dive into these reviews to find your next crochet adventure and unleash your creativity stitch by stitch.

Radiant Raffia: 20 Inspiring Crochet Projects Made With Natural Yarn: Olga Panagopoulou invites crocheters into a world of natural yarn with 20 inspiring projects, blending Greek island aesthetics with eco-friendly materials. Through step-by-step instructions, crocheters can create stylish items using raffia, offering mindful relaxation and the joy of crafting sustainable pieces for oneself or loved ones.

Quick & Easy Crochet: 35 simple projects to make: Fast and stylish patterns for scarves, tops, blankets, bags, and more: Melody Griffiths presents 35 patterns for stylish scarves, tops, blankets, bags, and more, catering to both beginners and seasoned crocheters. With simple techniques and portable projects, Griffiths ensures a satisfying crochet experience, ideal for those seeking quick yet stunning creations.

10,000 Crocheted Hats: Discover Your Own Unique Design Combinations: Emma Varnam’s “10,000 Crocheted Hats” is a treasure trove for hat enthusiasts, offering endless possibilities with over 10,000 unique design combinations. With clear instructions and photographs, crafters can easily mix and match brims, bodies, and crowns to create personalized headwear in three adult sizes, making this book suitable for crocheters of all abilities. From classic styles to innovative embellishments, this resource ensures that every reader can craft their own stylish and individual hat creations.

Tunisian Crochet – The Japanese Way: Combine the Best of Knitting and Crochet Using Clear Japanese-style Charts & Symbols: “Nihon Vogue” presents “Tunisian Crochet – The Japanese Way,” merging the best of knitting and crochet techniques through clear chart-and-symbol instructions. With step-by-step illustrations for 13 classic stitches and 20 stylish projects, this book offers a captivating journey into creating beautifully textured fabrics. Perfect for both technique enthusiasts and needlecrafters seeking new challenges, this book promises an adventure in Tunisian crochet that will delight for years to come.

Crochet Girls: 10 Sweet & Simple Friends to Crochet & Appliqué (Flat-Lay Crochet in a Day, 1): Colleen Lynch’s delightful book offers 10 charming crochet girl designs, perfect for appliqué projects, accompanied by step-by-step guidance for crafting adorable characters. From basic stitches to personalized accessories, each project is a journey into creativity, making crochet accessible and enjoyable for all.

Crochet Illusion Blankets: 15 patterns for optical illusion crochet blankets, afghans and throws: Helen Smith’s “Crochet Illusion Blankets” presents 15 mesmerizing patterns that create stunning 3D effects through the clever use of intarsia crochet. With detailed instructions and charts, even beginners can craft visually striking blankets, afghans, and throws in various sizes. Using eco-friendly yarn, these projects offer not only visual appeal but also a sustainable touch to your home décor.

Learn to Crochet Gansey Dishcloths: Annie’s offers a unique twist on dishcloth crafting, drawing inspiration from the intricate patterns of 19th-century Guernsey fisherman’s sweaters. With detailed photos of each row’s repeat, QR codes to access special stitches, and stitch diagrams for clarity, this book provides a comprehensive guide to mastering the Gansey style. Whether you’re a seasoned crocheter or just starting out, this book promises to elevate your dishcloth game with historical charm and practicality.

Mini Amigurumi: Paraskevi Vainopoulou offers a delightful escape from lengthy projects with over 40 charming designs that can be completed in one sitting. Perfect for both beginners and experienced crocheters, this book provides clear instructions and step-by-step photos to guide you through crafting adorable mini creations. From animals to characters, these quick and satisfying projects are sure to bring joy to your crocheting journey.


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