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How to Care for Wool

After hours invested in creating a crocheted garment, it’s easy to pretend that there’s no longer a need to lavish attention on it. Off the hook, out of mind, right? Well, if you want your garment to last for years and years, a little extra TLC for your hand-crocheted items goes a long way. Taking care of a hand-crocheted garment isn’t difficult, but it does require some additional knowledge. I will be focusing on the care of garments made from wool and other animal fibers, though these tips are also applicable to items made from acrylic or other synthetic yarns.

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Crochet Life Hacks

If you always have your hooks on hand, try these six crochet hacks for everyday uses. From rescuing jewelry to fixing your clothes, crochet hooks are not for just yarn anymore! You don’t need to use your brand new hooks for these tricks, either – old hooks or previously loved ones from a thrift store work as well.

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UK to US Crochet Terms: Exploring Our Differences

Rather upsettingly I hadn’t known that there were different types of crochet terminology. Being British my mum and Nana had taught me what they knew, which was UK terms, and now I was entering an eye-opening realm of familiar-named stitches meaning one thing to me and something entirely different to others!

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Help! How do you go about deciphering a yarn label?

Hi Jamie,

Those pesky labels around your new skein of yarn can get in the way, but don’t be so quick to toss them; there is a wealth of information to be found on those little labels! Here’s a quick overview of the most important information included.

1. Brand and yarn name
2. Fiber content, weight and yardage.

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How to Teach Crochet to Beginners

Have you ever sat down to teach a loved one crochet and run into some hiccups through the process? Teaching isn’t always as intuitive as doing, so read this article to learn some of our favorite tips to teach crochet to anyone.

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