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Crochet Life Hacks

Six Unexpected Uses for Crochet Hooks


  1. Pull drawstrings through: Realizing a drawstring has been pulled back into its casing can ruin your afternoon. Crochet hooks can save the day by easily slipping in, hooking on, and pulling that string back out.
  2. Button a dress: Many designers are bringing back fabric covered buttons, and not just for wedding dresses. Whether you love vintage style or are trying for a “new classic” look, use a crochet hook to pull the loops over their buttons and save yourself from cramped fingers.
  3. Unclog a drain: Anyone with long hair can attest to the misery that is a clogged drain. Easily unclog it while keeping your hands clean using one of your hooks.
  4. Untangle jewelry: Delicate jewelry is a pain to untangle, but crochet hooks get the job done without bending any links or destroying any heirlooms.
  5. Rescue jewelry dropped into drains: I’ve sent too many pieces of jewelry down the drain in my lifetime, and this tip continually saves me. Snake a crochet hook down your sink and pull out that necklace or ring that was accidentally elbowed right in.
  6. Fix a snagged sweater: Finding a snag in your sweater can ruin your day, but if you have a crochet hook on hand simply pull that loop through the inside. With this tip, you can say goodbye to the days of throwing out half-unraveled garments. 

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