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Olivia Kent

Olivia Kent is a crochet designer who is passionate about reinventing crochet into a form of modern creativity. A few years ago she decided to start a website called “Hopeful Honey”, and it was literally love at first sight! Since then she's...Read More

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Kristi Simpson

Kristi Simpson designs creative crochet patterns with a modern and fresh touch. Her patterns are located online on Ravelry, Craftsy, and Etsy. Her designs have been published in international crochet magazines, and are scheduled to be featured in...Read More

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Marie Segares

Marie Segares has been hooked on crochet since she learned from her grandmother when she was 9, and she conquered her fear of knitting in 2010. In addition to designing, Marie teaches both crochet and knitting in the New York City metro area and at...Read More

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Roseanna Beck

Roseanna Beck is a 64 year old homemaker who does a lot of crafts for various charities and is also a published designer in many magazines and books. She has crocheted or knitted items all her life but has been designing for magazines and books for...Read More

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Chris Hammond

Chris Hammond's background is a bit different than you'd expect, with degrees in Atmospheric Sciences, Mathematics and Physics. She's been a meteorologist, a high school math and science teacher and, most recently, a professional knitter. But above...Read More

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Mary Beth Temple

Mary Beth Temple is an author and designer of both knitting and crochet patterns. Her work appears frequently in knitting and crochet magazines in the US and UK, and she is also the owner and lead designer for the popular pattern line Hooked for...Read More

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Amy Gunderson

Dog cuddling, knitflixing, and drinking red wine are just a few of Amy’s favorite things to do (and often does all of these at the same time). She does a variety of...Read More

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Jennifer E. Ryan

Jennifer E Ryan is an award-winning published crochet designer whose crochet patterns and projects can be seen in several crochet publications and on her blog, “Celtic Knot Crochet”.  Jennifer's specialty is combining Celtic Knots with crochet...Read More

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Heather Gibbs

Heather C Gibbs is the owner of Keep Calm and Crochet On U.K. and has been designing patterns since 2012.  She has designed over 90 patterns (at the moment) which includes toys, blankets and lots of crochet squares - many of which are free or...Read More

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Nazanin Fard

Nazanin S. Fard is a knitting/crochet designer with more than 700 published designs, dating all the way back to 1992. She started self-publishing some designs in 2007  in an electronic format offered on my web...Read More

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Amanda Saladin

Amanda Saladin is a high school teacher, wife, and mom to four amazing little boys. She majored in fashion design at Middle TN State University and finally found her passion with knitwear.  She publishes free patterns at...Read More

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Tanya Eberhardt

Tanya started her blog Little Things Blogged almost two years ago as she wanted to share her adventures in crocheting and generally crafting. Two years later, she's realized that it's great to have the ability to talk with creative people from all...Read More

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Tian Connaughton

I am the crochet and knitwear designer, and tech editor behind KnitDesigns by Tian. I live in a small town in Western Massachusetts with my fantasy author husband, Daniel and son, Aidan. Teaching is at the heart of how I approach design. While my...Read More

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Denise Lavoie

Denise designs crochet and knitwear as well as paints and creates mixed media art pieces whenever she can.  Her work and designs have been published in books and magazines. You can find her on social media at her blog, Read More

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Tamara Kelly

Tamara Kelly designs and blogs about crochet almost every day at Moogly. Yarn, crafting, art, design, and her kids all inspire her and keep her busy, if not quite completely sane. Award winning tutorials and new designs can be found on Read More

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Debra Arch

Since 1998, Debra Arch has had several hundred crochet, knitting, hand-applique, machine sewing, quilting, needle felting, and needlepoint on plastic canvas designs published by various publishers in magazines and...Read More

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Dora Ohrenstein

Dora Ohrenstein is a leading crochet designer, author and teacher. Her books include the upcoming The Crocheter’s Skill-Building Workbook (Storey), The New Tunisian Crochet (Interweave, 2013), Custom Crocheted Sweaters (Lark, 2012), the first...Read More

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Andee Graves

Andee Graves is a crochet designer, writer, teacher and artist living in the mountains of Colorado with her family and an evolving menagerie of 4-legged friends.  She combines a life-long passion for crocheting, sewing, and crafting with a strong...Read More

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Linda Dean

Linda Dean is a long time, self taught crocheter, a Professional member of the Crochet Guild of America (CGOA), a Master in Advanced Stitch and Technique (by CGOA), a Certified Instructor/Teacher...Read More

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Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy is a neuroscientist and mother of three boys who lives in the mountains in southwestern Colorado.  When she’s not crocheting by the lake or fireside,...Read More

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Jennifer Dickerson

Jennifer is a mother of two and the lady behind Fiber Flux, where she shares crochet and knitting patterns, articles, and tutorials. Jennifer also teaches crochet and knitting techniques on her YouTube...Read More

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Samanta Fornino

I started crochet when I was a little child following my grandma teaching. After the birth of the first of my three kids, I decided to start to develop crochet accessories for...Read More

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Darleen Hopkins

Darleen Hopkins lives in beautiful northern Georgia with her husband and two boys. She started crocheting in 2004 and almost immediately began creating her own designs. She began designing professionally in 2010. When not designing, she is likely...Read More

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Kristen TenDyke

Kristen TenDyke is a knit and crochet designer who lives in Maine. She's a work-at-home mom who spends most of her free time playing with eco-friendly yarns and thinking up seamlessly constructed sweaters. She is the author of Finish-Free Knits...Read More

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Angelia Robinson

Former environmental lobbyist, Angelia Robinson, is a knit and crochet designer residing in Los Angeles. Her playful yet elegant work has been featured in Vogue Knitting: Crochet, Love of Knitting, and Interweave Crochet. Angelia’s creations...Read More

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Kati Brown

Kati Brown is a designer who lives in Colorado with her husband and two sons. Kati works in bright colors and fun shapes, and she loves making anything with safety eyes. Her inspiration mostly comes from the games and...Read More

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Rosann Fleischauer

Rosann started knitting when her husband got a boat and decided to take a few weeks and see the coast and she wandered into a local yarn shop during a much needed shore-break. She picked out a book, some yarn and needles to get started, and it...Read More

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Jessie Rayot

Jessie has been crocheting since her great grandmother first handed her a hook at the age of 8. She started off her professional life as a costume designer/creator/pattern maker. While managing the costume department for Adelphi University (in Long...Read More

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Carmen Heffernan

I live in Ireland where I teach crochet workshops and obsess about crochet and Read More

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Cristina D.

Cristina D. is knitting and crochet designer behind @crisdvic (Instagram), crisdvic (Ravelry and Etsy) and Being a knitter and crocheter for a long time, Cristina recently started to design her own patterns. She enjoys slow and...Read More

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Susan Heyn

Susan Heyn is a left-handed crocheter, and she first started when she was sick in bed at age 6. Her mom, also a left-handed crocheter, taught her the basics and she's been "hooked" ever since. Susan owned a small craft shop for a long time but...Read More

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Arica Presinal

Arica is the human behind Skeinsnsticks Designs. Skeinsnsticks Designs is all about creating stylish and well-made crochet garments for all shapes, sizes and ages. Learn more about Skeinsnsticks Designs at...Read More

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Karen von Kluge

Karen von Kluge got hooked on crochet as a creative outlet after learning from twin sister and fellow designer Susan Kennedy.  A research librarian living in Ann Arbor, MI, Karen has always enjoyed making useful and...Read More

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Heidi Gustad

Heidi Gustad is a knitting, crochet and yarn crafts designer obsessed with primary colors and clean lines. In addition to designing patterns, she blogs, co-hosts the Very Serious Crafts Podcast,...Read More

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Jill Wright

Jill's designs have been published in Creative Knitting, Crochet! Magazine, Interweave Crochet, Knit.1, Love of Knitting, Love of Crochet, KnitStyle, also Vogue Knitting International and Vogue Knitting Crochet. Jill co-authored a Leisure Arts...Read More

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Cheryl Chow

Cheryl admits to being a crafting addict. She can be found knitting, crocheting, spinning, and sewing near Seattle, WA. In her spare time, she enjoys being in the outdoors looking for inspiration and taking in the beautiful northwest scenery with...Read More

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Lana Jois

Lana Jois is a doctor by day and loves to knit, crochet and design in her spare time. She is especially fond of lace. Her designs have been featured in Knit Now, Knitscene and Twist...Read More

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Sonja M. Otto

Sonja lives in rural Pennsylvania with her husband and three children. She has been crocheting for over 20 years, and can knit a bit as well. Her design path started about 7 years ago when her daughter asked her to make doll clothes for her new...Read More

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Christy Nelson

Christy Nelson has been addicted to yarn for most of her adult life. She started with crochet about 20 years ago and has now added knitting and spinning to her repertoire. An avid traveler, many of her designs are inspired by her visits to other...Read More

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Maz Kwok

Maz Kwok is the owner of Be A Crafter blog. She started crocheting and sharing her love for yarn art in 2012. You can find her crochet creations on: Read More

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Lynn Wasylkevych

Lynn Wasylkevych has been crocheting since she was 7 years old. Her grandmother taught her the basics and she continued to hone her skills from the help of friends and teachers. Lynn's background is in the field of corporate interior design, and...Read More

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Janet Pippin

Janet Pippin is the crochet designer behind Simply Hooked by Janet.  She began her journey of crochet at the age of 12.  In 2016 she designed her very first crochet pattern and has been designing new patterns ever since. She loves living in her...Read More

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Adinda Hening

Adinda Hening has always been passionate in handcrafting. She taught herself how to crochet and knit from pattern books. In 2017 she started her journey in writing pattern for her designs. Mostly influenced by her...Read More

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Ryan Hollist

Ryan took the steps into designing patterns in 2010 out of financial desperation. Since then he has found a deeper love of crocheting that surprises even him. Even in the face of crocheting under deadlines for publications and other paying...Read More

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Kenneth Cormier

Kenneth began crocheting at the age of 10.  With a #7 steel hook and a ball of kite string, he twisted, knotted, and tangled his way to perfection.  Since then, he has designed numerous crochet patterns for various publications. In addition to...Read More

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Keilah Fok

Keilah Fok is the quirky crocheter behind Knot Theorist Designs. She aims to bring elegant and practical designs to adventurous crocheters. Since Keilah was two years old, her favorite question has been, “How does that work?” She...Read More

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Olya Mikesh

I am a life-long knitter and crocheter, who loves to play with Color, texture, and design elements, combining traditional techniques with modern styles. When I am not busy homeschooling my 5 children, I enjoy learning...Read More

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Quayln Stark

Quayln Stark is a crochet and knitwear designer who strives to break the status quo when it comes to fiber arts. Keep up to date with his design and projects on Instagram...Read More

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Michele Maks

Michele Maks has been a professional in the knit and crochet industry since 1985. Designing knit and crochet wear for 23 years led to becoming the editor of Crochet World, the largest crochet magazine in the world. An MS diagnosis made leaving the...Read More

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Nadia Cassime

I’ve always been a craft enthusiast from a young age and enjoy trying out new crafts. I recently started to pen down my creations in Crochet. I focus on designs which use basic stitches but give innovative results. My inspirations come from...Read More

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Melinda Miller

As a young girl, I remember my great-grandmother crocheting every time I visited. She’s been gone since my childhood. She crocheted all the females in my family each a beautiful southern belle bed doll which I still have & cherish. I also...Read More

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Michele Dobbins

Michele Dobbins hails from a cozy small town in Arkansas, which she visits between semesters at the University, where she is getting her degree in English Literature. Inspired by her love of musical theatre, reading, and traveling, she likes to...Read More

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Kathleen Berlew

Kathleen Berlew crocheted her first project--a crooked potholder made with gray rug yarn--when she was seven. Thankfully, her skills and design style have evolved since then. In her crochet designs, she loves...Read More

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Janaya Chouinard

I'm Janaya, the owner and designer behind Charmed By Ewe. I first learned to crochet when I was 11 years old but lost interest in it for several years. I have re-discovered my love of the craft and am here to share my creations with you. Whether a...Read More

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Pam Daley

Pam Daley learned to crochet and knit as a little girl, and has been working hard this past year to become as fluent in knitting as she is in crochet. She and her husband are full-time RVers and after being off the road for 3 years due to a...Read More

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Dana Byerwalter

Dana Byerwalter is an editor for Prime Publishing. She learned to crochet almost as soon as she was hired in 2013 after exploring Prime's site, and she loves making projects for friends and family. Scarves are her...Read More

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Darla Fanton

Darla J. Fanton has been a needlework designer for over thirty years. Perhaps best known for her pioneering work with Tunisian and the double-ended crochet hook, Darla enjoys all forms of crochet. She is constantly experimenting to discover what new...Read More

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Tiam Safari

Tiam Safari is a London-based yarn hoarder, cat lover, and general knitting enthusiast, who develops cosmetics and skincare products by day and designs patterns by night. Tiam rediscovered her love of knitting after...Read More

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Grace Lehman

Grace is passionate about turning crochet into a modern craft through crochet designing. Several years ago, Grace started her blog, Stitchberry, as a way to share her crochet patterns with others and she loves the...Read More

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Jackie Laing

Jackie lives in B.C. Canada and enjoys playing with yarn and creating ami's in her spare time. She started crocheting in 2009, and has been hooked ever since! Jackie finds inspiration from family and friends, her favorite TV shows, movies and...Read More

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Amy Ramnarine

Amy Ramnarine is a crochet designer and the blogger behind The Stitchin' Mommy, where she shares her crochet patterns, tutorials, crafts, recipes, and more. Amy has been crocheting since 2009 and has been designing her own crochet patterns...Read More

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Carrie Carpenter

Carrie Carpenter learned to crochet when she was about 10 years old, but it wasn't until she started working as the Fashion and Design Coordinator for a yarn company that Carrie began designing. She became so inspired by all of the amazing designs...Read More

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Sharon Ballsmith

Sharon Ballsmith, is an avid crocheter and indie designer, having patterns published in magazines and books since 2010. Always keeping her hooks close by, she loves playing with stitch patterns and dreaming up new designs. You can find her on...Read More

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Angèle Lumière

Angèle Lumière learned to knit and crochet from her mother at a very young age and has been doing it with great passion ever since. By nature, she is very curious and creative and has always felt the need to create things with her hands....Read More

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Simone Francis

Simone is a UK based crochet designer who loves to find inspiration in fashion, art and nature for her designs; Read More

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Beth Major

Beth Major was born and raised in Sault Ste. Marie, a small city surrounded by the Great Lakes and nestled in the forests of Northern Ontario, Canada. After living in many places, she now calls a faery cottage surrounded by the woods outside...Read More

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Katherine Larson

Years after her mother taught her to crochet, Kate began designing because she couldn't find patterns for what she wanted to make. She lives in Las Vegas, NV with her husband, two sons, and two cats. She is frequently found on Ravelry as...Read More

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Pauline Fitzpatrick

Pauline is a crochet designer who lives in Derbyshire, England. She has designed for various UK and US magazines, for yarn companies, and also self publishes patterns, available on Ravelry. As well as designing, Pauline also teaches workshops on...Read More

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Susanne Visch

Susanne is a crochet and knitwear designer, living in the Netherlands. Having a background in Industrial Design Engineering, you can say that she always had a knack for designing and creating. When she taught herself to crochet and knit, she soon...Read More

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Anastacia Zittel

Anastacia Zittel is a 30 something, happily married gal living in MA, with one cat named Wedgie. By day, Anastacia works in retail, and in her free time she teaches knitting and crocheting and designs when she can! Her favorite things to make are...Read More

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Sarah Jane Jackson

Sarah Jane works from her home in Brisbane Australia which means that most of the time it is really too hot for crochet. Despite that she loves to work with fibre and see what can be created from just one hook and some string. She has 8 children (7...Read More

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Annemarie Benthem

Annemarie Benthem is a crochet pattern designer living in Delft, The Netherlands. She started crocheting in 2010 and hasn't been able to put her crochet hook away ever since. She wrote three crochet pattern books. Two of them in Dutch and one in...Read More

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Emi Harrington

Emi Harrington loves to design knitwear patterns, both crochet and knitting! Using simple methods to obtain a more detailed appearance to finished garments is her focus. As well, she writes the pattern instructions without abbreviations, so they are...Read More

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Dana Bincer

Dana Bincer and her twin sister, Deborah Bagley, co-founded in 2012 creating realistic, quirky, and fun crochet patterns. In 2015 she joined the staff at...Read More

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Julie-Sarah Desjarins

ACCROchet is a play on words that roughly translates to « addicted to crochet ». It is the brainchild of French-Canadian designer Julie-Sarah, 100% devoted to crochet and to changing the world one hdc at a...Read More

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Beth Graham

Beth Graham loves to learn new things and delights in sharing her discoveries with others. Her patterns appeal to crocheters seeking simple, fun, tailored, and often innovative projects. Her work can be found in books and magazines like 101 Crochet...Read More

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Sumayyah Chougle

Sumayyah C is a designer living in Pune, India. She loves texture and balance in her designs, which are inspired by patterns and colors from...Read More

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Natasja King

Natasja King is the founder and editor of the blog crocheTime ( which has been featured in Ideas magazine (South Africa) and listed as a Top Blog To...Read More

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Agat Rottman

My passion for knitting begun at the age of 12. My mom, who is an artist, taught me how to knit and got me engaged in various other crafts. A few years ago, I taught myself how to crochet and I haven't put the hook down ever since. I live in the...Read More

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Jo Bodley

Jo Bodley has knitted from childhood, and  only learned to crochet in 2010. She is a Fine Art graduate who studied Theatre Design in the 1980s. As well as designing for magazines, she enjoys making Crochet Art and knitting for TV and film, She...Read More

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Jean Clement

A lifelong crafter, Jean enjoys designing knit and crochet projects with a classic style that can be worn for years. Her work has appeared in I Like Knitting, Knitscene, Knit.wear, Creative Knitting, Love of Knitting, Knitter's Magazine, Knit Picks,...Read More

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Joann Miller

Joann Miller is a crochet designer and owner of Festive Stitch, a crochet shop that features handmade accessories for babies and adults, as well as nursery décor items. In addition to crocheting and designing, Joann also loves sharing her...Read More

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Toni Lipsey

I'm Toni Lipsey, the heart and hands behind all things TL Yarn Crafts. After I've had my morning coffee (at least 2 cups), I spend every possible moment creating new crochet designs, teaching the craft, and connecting with all the makers I possibly...Read More

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Pia Thadani

Pia Thadani owns and authors a blog at Her blog is about knitting, crochet, and scrapbooking, but lately, her main focus has been crochet. Pia has been crocheting as long as she can remember, and right from the beginning,...Read More

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Hanni Banszki

I am Hanni. Knitter, crocheter, painter, self-thaught crafter, wannabe spinner, dyer and lot of '-er'.
I knit from my childhood,  I had been taught for the basics by my mother and started to crochet in november...Read More

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Juliette Bezold

Juliette’s life-long passion for design, especially textile and fiber arts, began in her youth at age 8, when her mother taught her to knit, and she taught herself crochet from a book.  In addition to crochet, Juliette is an accomplished...Read More

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Ellen Gormley

Ellen Gormley is an expert on the tv show, Knit and Crochet Now! She has written several crochet books including Go Crochet Afghan Design Workbook. She teaches comprehensive crochet classes for Annie’s including beginner and advanced...Read More

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Sandi Rosner

Sandi Rosner has been a professional knitter and crocheter for nearly 20 years. She has owned a local yarn shop, been the Creative Director for a large yarn company, and currently works as a designer, tech editor,...Read More

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Vera Sanon

Vera Sanon learned how to knit from her great-grandmother, a master teacher in all needle arts, in Germany when she was six years old. Her mother owned a yarn shop and used to design knitwear. From a young age, Vera used to knit for her shop, assist...Read More

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Stacey Williams

Stacey Williams started crocheting and knitting around October of 2011 and designing 3 years ago, the same time she started Busting Stitches.

You can find her on Read More

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Joan Beebe

Joan Beebe works full-time in IT and moonlights as a knit and crochet designer and tech editor from her home in the rolling hills of North Carolina. She learned to knit as a child, then taught herself to crochet to land a job as a pattern writer,...Read More

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Rachel Borello Carroll

Rachel lives and works on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. She has been designing knitting and crochet patterns for over ten years and keeps shop at Read More

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Blazenka Simic-Boro

I’ve been designing and making home decor for years as well as my own clothes and accessories. Since three years I’ve been selling my own patterns on Etsy. My patterns are published in Crochet Now, Your Crochet...Read More

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Jennifer Olivarez

Jennifer Olivarez is a crochet artist and designer who enjoys using the medium to explore soft sculpture, storytelling, and pattern design. She uses amigurumi characters in a crochet world to illustrate the original stories featured on her blog,...Read More

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Karen Whooley

Karen Whooley is an award-winning, internationally known crochet designer, author, and instructor. She develops patterns and teaches classes for crocheters who want simplicity and elegance wrapped up in...Read More

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Lorene Eppolite

Lorene Eppolite is the designer behind Cre8tion Crochet. She has been designing since October 2012. She loves to create fun and easy crochet accessories and garments. She strives to make her designs to be achievable for any skill level. Just because...Read More

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Rebecca Velasquez

Rebecca Velasquez learned to crochet at a very young age. As an adult, she resumed crocheting to honor the grandmother who taught her how. She quickly fell in love and, following her passion and a desire to build upon it, added knitting and spinning...Read More

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April Garwood

April Garwood has been designing crochet and knit patterns since 2010. Her patterns have appeared in I Like Crochet, Interweave Crochet, Crochet!, Crochet World, and Crochet Today (discontinued). She has also designed patterns for Ancient Arts Fibre...Read More

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Emma Wilkinson

Emma Wilkinson lives in the outer suburbs of Sydney, with her husband and four sons. With an advanced Diploma of Fine Art under her belt, she turned to the world of fiber art shortly before the birth of her third son. Inspired by nature, patchwork...Read More

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Mary Dickerson

Mary is a crochet and knitwear pattern designer, blogger at, author of the book...Read More

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Katie Moore

My nana taught me to knit and crochet when I was in middle school. I was really bad at math and this was an easy and fun way to learn. I started making beanies for 5$ a pop, but you only got whatever color yarn I had at the moment. I was always so...Read More

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Shehnaaz Afzar

I am Shehnaaz, the blogger, designer, and dreamer behind the Crochet Dreamz blog.  I live in scenic Wisconsin with my husband and daughter.

Jane Howarth

Jane is a Scottish designer who can’t resist quick makes, cozy cowls and cute seasonal projects. She learned to crochet and knit over 15 years ago, and when she’s not working with yarn she loves trying out all kinds of crafts. Her projects aim...Read More

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Patons Design Studio

Patons is committed to providing knitters and crocheters with high quality yarns and creative patterns. The Patons website is a great place to learn all about our yarns and to find your next knitting project or crochet project. With a free...Read More

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Deborah Carpenter

Deborah enjoys a good challenge, whether that’s mountain biking, rock climbing or designing fun crochet patterns.  She finds inspiration almost everywhere and enjoys playing with stitches and techniques to create practical or whimsical designs....Read More

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Aimee Croke

Aimee been creating with thread and yarn since 2008 but only designing since 2015. Her need to always be challenged in what she loves led Her to teach herself how to design what she creates. When Aimee isn't designing, she creates finished products...Read More

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Sara Kay Hartmann

Sara Kay Hartmann designs patterns for modern crochet and hand-knitting. She is the author of Poetic Crochet: 20 Shawls Inspired by Classic Poems (Interweave, 2015). She lives on the suburban prairie of central Illinois. Learn more at Read More

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Charles Voth

Charles Voth has crocheted and knit for 45 years. He enjoys exploring how yarn and texture interact to produce versatile fabrics, which he then uses in his designs. He is a crochet diagram illustrator, and a technical editor, designer, and teacher...Read More

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Kristin Omdahl

Kristin Omdahl is the best-selling author of 21 how-to craft books; TV personality; and producer of award-winning educational and inspirational videos. Kristin is the founder of Project...Read More

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Robin Nickerson

Robin's attraction to the world of fiber started when she was a child and her mom taught her to crochet. After an intermission of a "few" years and with the arrivals of her daughters, she picked up her hooks again to create baby blankets and...Read More

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Kristin Kauten

Kristin is an avid crochet artist who loves to design and stitch unique crochet masterpieces, which feature classical elements with a touch of whimsy. Her designs have been featured in several magazines and can be...Read More

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Linda Pietz

Linda Pietz was born into a family of artist, but her medium of choice has been fiber after learning to knit at age four. She holds a fine arts degree and has since been designing needlework and teaching art and...Read More

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Brandy Lynn

Brandy Lynn is the creative mind behind Fad Fabulous Crochet. She's crafty, ambitious and loves beautiful fashions. Because of her love for crochet and ability to translate ideas into beautiful designs, her goal is to share her original...Read More

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Karen Barnes

I am the designer of Leisure Arts “Sportacular Afghans”; I also will be published in Simply Crochet, Crochet World and Crochet! Magazines this fall/winter. I am an avid...Read More

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Caroline Cameron

Caroline has been crocheting since she was just 7 years old, taught by her grandmother near the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. Her love of color and natural elements influence her work. She lives in Wake Forest, NC where...Read More

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Devani Adams

Devani Adams is a designer living in sunny Silicon Valley. By day, she researches and writes about global environmental law issues. By night, she enjoys all things yarn-y! Hailing from the Northeast states (upstate New York, Vermont, and Maine), she...Read More

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Sue Perez

Sue Perez lives in Wisconsin, where she likes to spend the winters crocheting and the summers cycling and photographing wildflowers. Sue is known for her innovative crochet techniques and detailed tutorials. She works...Read More

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Stephany Mayo

Stephany Mayo learned to crochet when her mother taught her as a small girl. As a child she didn’t crochet much, but she has recently come back to the craft and loves it more than ever. In addition to crocheting, she enjoys knitting, sewing, and...Read More

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Gemma Owen

I’m from a small rural farming community in Iowa and learned to crochet granny squares from a neighbor, when I was kid. I set the hook aside to embroider and hand quilt, paint, draw, and write for many years. When I...Read More

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Catherine Chant

Catherine Chant is a crochet and knit designer with a classic design aesthetic. She specializes in accessories and practical patterns for the home. Catherine’s designs have been published in international crochet magazines, and are scheduled to be...Read More

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Patti Notestine

Patti Notestine lives in beautiful Pennsylvania and is a homemaker.  She started crocheting in 1980 and began designing in 2010 when she opened an Etsy shop to sell her designs.  Her designs specialize in footwear.  When not designing, she is...Read More

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Eline Alcocer

Eline Alcocer is a writer, translator and crochet designer with nomadic tendencies; after stints in Belgium, the UK, Japan and Italy she has now settled in the south of Sweden. Strongly influenced by seasonal shifts...Read More

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Alla Koval

I am a published knitwear and crochet designer, specializing in children’s clothing. I love coming up with designs that are new and different, and   I find inspiration in everything and everyone around me … my family, children, imagination,...Read More

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Isabella Garramone

Bella grew up in both New York and New Jersey. As a recent college graduate, she is an emerging professional in the field of environmental education by day and a crocheter by night. As a result of her day job, Bella is always inspired by nature and...Read More

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Carol Schoenfelder

Carol was taught crochet by her grandmother many, many years ago but is a self-taught knitter. She loves to start with a basic idea and see where it takes her - knitting and crocheting for the fun of it - not necessarily for the final product. Born...Read More

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Ivy Long

Ivy Long is the designer of Edera Jewelry, a line of bridal jewelry and accessories featuring hand-crocheted lace motifs. She has been bead crocheting for nearly 20 years. Her line of crochet patterns will launch in...Read More

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Melissa Harr

Melissa is an itinerant writer and knitting pattern designer -- she travels constantly in order to draw inspiration from a variety of language, cultures, and people. She is currently based in Europe, where she drinks too much coffee and spends most...Read More

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Janine Mudge

Janine is the designer and tech editor behind Capital Crochet.  Working from her extensive yarn collection just outside of Ottawa, Canada, she has been designing crochet and Tunisian crochet patterns since 2016.  She enjoys the challenge of...Read More

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Jessica Potasz

From the time Jessica Potasz was a little girl, she has always enjoyed many forms of art. She graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder with a business degree but continued to enjoy painting and a bit of sewing.  However, she has...Read More

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Anna Hooker

Anna is a keen crocheter and designer who draws inspiration from the countryside around her home in Scotland to design items that are beautiful and practical. She started designing in 2017 and has also been published...Read More

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Roxane Huyer

Hi, I am Roxy from Roxy's Crochet. I learned to crochet from my mother as a child and I now love to design nature inspired...Read More

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Madeline Revier

I come from a long line of crafty women who sew, quilt, knit, and crochet. In addition to designing patterns, I teach crochet classes at my local yarn store.  You can check out more of my designs at Read More

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Manda Shah

Manda Shah lives in Toronto, Ontario. After taking a break from a career in Information Technology she picked up knitting as a creative hobby and moved on to designing knitted items. She loves to combine lace and cable patterns to create beautiful...Read More

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Leshia Tweddle

Leshia learned to crochet as a young child and is now a retired grandma who enjoys experimenting with beautiful yarn and crochet...Read More

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Courtney Batchelder

Courtney is a self-taught crochet designer from Maine. She began making amigurumi and baby items but quickly found that she much preferred to do her own thing, thus began her design career. She has two young daughters that she creates for as well as...Read More

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Jennifer Percival

Jennifer Percival designs with playfulness in mind. Inspired by animals, classic tales, and storytelling, she creates popular crochet patterns that encourage children of all ages to engage their imaginations. Jennifer lives in the beautiful...Read More

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Elizabeth Ann Smith

Elizabeth Smith lives with her husband and their two crazy little boys in rural Iowa. She loves designing beautiful crochet items, incorporating flowers whenever possible. Keep up with Elizabeth and her crochet adventures on Instagram @ProchetByEAS...Read More

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Katarina Damjanovic

Katarina is a teacher and self-taught crocheter, mom of two boys and a wife. She started designing crochet patterns in January 2021. She writes about crochet and her patterns on the blog Crochet With Frankie...Read More

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Carol Hladik

Carol Hladik designs fun and functional patterns for beginner to advanced crocheters and knitters. She loves a challenge and is always looking to make fun and unique designs that people will enjoy making again, and again. She is most known for her...Read More

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Sandra Gutierrez

Nomad Stitches was born in Valencia, Spain in 2016, but I started knitting and crocheting as a little girl in Mexico under my mother´s tutelage. I have long since left my home...Read More

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Rebeca Grieco

I was taught how to crochet when I was 9 years old in an afterschool program. I loved the craft and continued creating things all my life. I am currently selling my fashions at a consignment store here in San Antonio, as well as on Etsy. I started...Read More

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Ruth Haydock

Ruth Haydock is a Knitting and Crochet Designer. Ruth’s mum taught her to knit in 2008, just before she started university and then a few years later taught her how to crochet. Throughout the years, knitting and...Read More

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Sandra Regev

Sandra Regev lives in the beautiful town Haifa in the northern part of Israel with her husband. She is a mother of three amazing ladies and grandma of one little man. She learned to crochet at the age of 7 taught by her mom. Crochet was a constant...Read More

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Kristina Olson

I spend my days working in the oncology department in one of Boston’s top hospitals and my nights & weekends playing with yarn. My passions are everything related to books, animal welfare, hockey & the...Read More

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Brandi Isham

I'm a stay at home mother of two who lives in Texas. I learned to crochet from my aunt around the age of 8 but it wasn't until I was 18 that I discovered crochet fashion and I have been hooked (literally!) ever since. I didn't start designing...Read More

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Asin Ratnayake

After learning crochet when she was 10, Asin turned back to start crocheting as a hobby in her early 20s. The calmness and meditative qualities of the art of crochet hooked her as a medium to get away from the everyday stress of life and work. Later...Read More

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Dana Modrowski

Dana Modrowski is an editor at Prime Publishing. She manages Stitch and Unwind, a knitting and crochet...Read More

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Rachel Counts

Rachel Counts is a crochet designer and blogger from California. Her designs are featured on Etsy, Ravelry, and Love Crafts, as well as various magazines. However, her true passion is found in running her Blog, Desert...Read More

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Sarah Dawn

Sarah Dawn has been fascinated by knitting since first learning how to knit at the age of 5, and loving (almost all of) it. When she’s not knitting, she’s reteaching herself to crochet and learning to spin. Beyond yarn, her other vices include...Read More

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Murray Stewart

Murray lives on a small island on Orkney, off the north tip of Scotland. He designs and makes all sorts of knitted and crocheted items, and enjoys spinning his own yarns. You can find his work over atRead More

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