You’ll love how easy it is to make you own crochet rug patterns for any room of the house – in fact, if you can crochet a blanket or even a scarf, you can crochet a rug.

Crochet rugs are easy to work up and typically feature more textured crochet stitches and more durable yarn – think worsted weight at the minimum and thicker stitches.

As with any project, these rug patterns vary in difficulty from beginner-friendly to more complicated depending on the type of stitches used. No matter what, though, the construction of these rug designs is pretty standard, so when looking for a pattern to make, just look for stitches you’re confident making and go for it!

Wind River Rug

This rug will add bohemian southwestern style for your living room or bedroom in five earthy colors. This unique, reversible rug is made from eco-friendly 100% recycled fiber yarn, which is created from leftovers of the fashion industry. Worked in tapestry crochet or graphghan style, each section of color is worked from a small ball or bobbin of yarn. This is just what your home has been asking for this season!

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Kaja C2C Rug

You might find a pattern like this in the tile floor of a grandiose library or an opulent concert hall. Bring classic black and white style to your bathroom or entry with this elegant pattern. This 2-color, corner-to-corner block stitch rug is quick to hook and a delight for the toes.

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Moroccan Wedding Rug Pattern

Meticulously handwoven by a bride’s female relatives, a Moroccan wedding blanket is mindfully crafted with wishes of good luck for the new couple. Inspired by the rich designs exquisite details found in a classic handira, this Moroccan Wedding Rug will create a traditional keepsake for any home.

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Southwest Rug

This rug’s design was inspired by the beautiful San Juan mountains of southwest Colorado. Textured with bobble stitches and adorned with knotted fringe, the bohemian feel of this classic rug is just what your home has been waiting for.

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