Baby Afghans

Discover the best crochet baby blanket patterns in this selection of crochet patterns for the nursery and find your next favorite pattern. Baby blankets are a dual-threat – they’re essential for keeping babies warm and cozy, but they’re also great decorative pieces for the nursery, too!

Crochet baby blankets are a great way to try out a blanket pattern without fully commiting to a large afghan.  Try making one of these baby afghans as a baby shower gift – the little one will love it!

Choose from quick, simple stitches to more complex designs, from crochet ripple patterns and other designs to cables stitches. You can even make some round baby blankets or tiny, precious loveys (a lovey, for those not in the know, is a baby blanket with an animigurumi figure).

Aim to Squeeze Pink Lemonade Blanket

A half slice of pink lemon adorns this baby throw for a contemporary, whimsical feel. Perfect for any baby or toddler, this fun blanket is ideal for family car trips this summer — little ones will stay toasty warm even while you blast the air conditioning! Worked first as a half circle, stitches are then added to create a rectangle shape to make it into the full-sized throw. Add a bit of surface crochet to define the lemon segments and you’ll be ready to roll!

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