Nicki Byrnes

Nicki Byrnes is a certified crochet instructor and crochet designer. She has a passion for teaching others the craft and loves to design pieces that look advanced but can be accomplished by crocheters of various skill levels. Outside of crochet, she loves spending her time with family, as a Marketing Consultant, reading, tending to her 45 house plants, and at her family lake house.

Stay connected with Nicki and find more of her designs on her website, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok.

Projects by Nicki Byrnes

Retro Revival Granny Square Sweater

Introducing the Retro Revival Granny Square Sweater, a chic fusion of vintage charm and contemporary style. This sweater reimagines the classic granny square within a modern silhouette. Its winter white body showcases a cropped waist, oversized sleeves and the illusion of chunky knit through the clever use of half double crochet stitches. The standout feature of this garment lies in its sleeves, adorned with bands of vibrant granny squares. These squares bring a playful pop of color, elevating the soft, puffy texture of the sweater and infusing it with a fresh, retro-inspired vibe.

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