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A Note from the Editor

Hot sunshine and crisp corn on the cob aside, my favorite part of summer was always heading to my great aunt and uncle’s house for our annual family reunion. For that one time of the year, all the cousins, aunts, grandmas and grandpas from my mom’s side would get together and celebrate the arrival of summer with good food and even better company. I still remember how great it felt sitting with my cousins on the patio, letting the sun warm our backs and kiss our cheeks, hair still wet from swimming in the pool. While I was usually first in line to grab a fresh bowl of fruit to smother in a generous dollop of Cool Whip, it wasn’t the food that made those summer days so special. What made those days was this sense of community – that unshakeable feeling that nothing aside from this, this moment, seemed to matter at all.

To me, that’s what summer has always been about. Of course, delicious cookouts filled with hot dogs and smoky barbecue don’t hurt, but what makes those moments so memorable is the communal sharing of an experience with those you love. Whether those experiences consist of sipping freshly squeezed lemonade on the porch swing or cooking for a large group of people on the grill, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the making of a memory and forming something you’ll all look back on with genuine warmth.

With this idea of summer in mind, we’ve compiled bright and fresh patterns from designers from all over the world. From the bold and playful Lemon Zest Tote to the Airy Openwork Tunic, there’s a pattern in here for every summer memory, whether you make them for your friend, for your family or for yourself.

Happy crocheting,

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