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Amigurumi Treasures: 15 Crochet Projects To Cherish

Every fan of amigurumi needs to own this adorable collection of 15 kawaii-inspired patterns. Including Lottie the ladybug who dreams of being a pilot, Charlie the platypus who is training to be an athlete, Rosie the fawn who loves to garden — and many more —each project comes with their own set of accessories that

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Crochet with London Kaye: Projects and Ideas to Yarn Bomb Your Life

Explore a new take on crochet with this delightful book that’s artful, unique and unexpected. That’s right; we’re talking about yarn bombing! But not just any yarn bombing. Packed with crochet tips and techniques, author London Kaye also includes the added bonus of more than a dozen of her most-wanted patterns including crochet covers for shoes and her signature eyeball pattern that can be added to your favorite clothes or used as a wall hanging.

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Darn Good Yarn’s Yarn of the Month Club

Join the coolest yarn box yet! Each month, members get three things in their box: a skein of premium eco-friendly yarn made from recycled fibers in India, a knit and crochet pattern and a mystery gift. Membership also includes a new community center where you can watch videos for crochet alongs (CAL’s) each month. The best part? We’re giving away a free subscription!

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One Skein Crochet: De-Stash Beautifully, One Skein at a Time

Hooked on Reading

It happens to all crocheters: we fall in love with one skein of yarn, buy it and then have no clue what to make. To make matters worse, we do this again and again until we have so many single skeins we don’t know where to even start in the de-stashing process! Let us introduce

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Cuddly Crochet Critters: 26 Animal Patterns

Every now and then, a collection of projects comes along that makes you squeal with delight! Cuddly Crochet Critters does just that with its 26 soft, pillow-like animals that are 100 percent huggable and easy to crochet. Ideal for beginner crocheters who are looking for fun gifts for the little ones in your life, these

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Two Simple Shapes = 26 Crocheted Cardigans, Tops & Sweaters

Making crocheted tops has never been easier thanks to this upcoming release. If you’re able to crochet a square and rectangle, you’ll be making your own, easy-to-wear shirts in no time.

Using this book as your guide, you’ll transform crochet squares into trendy pullovers, cardigans, lightweight tops, wraps and more. Featuring a mix of intermediate and

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Crochet for Play: 80 Toys for Make-Believe

Publishing Sept. 15, 2019, Crochet for Play offers little ones 80 different toys that are perfect for playtime. Ideal for birthday gifts, shower gifts or for your own little ones, choose from a variety of adorable projects inspired by real-life careers. Kids can pretend to be a doctor, hairdresser, carpenter, mail carrier, policeman, gardener, painter,

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Wooden Oval Bottoms for Crochet Baskets

Make the bottoms of your crochet baskets extra sturdy with this unique wood bottoms designed for fitting seamlessly into your project. Use the holes in each wood slice to crochet your basket from the bottom up! Choose from three different dimensions depending on the desired size of your finished project.  

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