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Tis the Season Christmas Crochet

Get ready for the holidays with this charming selection of 23 festive patterns including designs for ornaments, garlands, afghans, pillows, angels, snowmen, gift-card holders and more. Comprised of mostly worsted-weight yarn, this book is also great for busting through some of that medium-weight yarn stash.

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3D Granny Squares: 100 Crochet Patterns for Pop-up Granny Squares

The vintage charm of the granny square is something every crocheter can appreciate. In this new release, the granny gets a fresh look! Featuring a collection of 100 3D granny square crochet patterns, crocheters can pick their favorite motifs to create the granny square project of their dreams. From gorgeous flowers and charming animals to

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Article Excerpt from Modern Crochet

Modern Crochet: Patterns and Designs for the Minimalist Maker by DeBrosse, Paige Tate and Co. RRP $24.95

The following is an excerpt from the book, Modern Crochet: Patterns and Designs for the Minimalist Maker, and is republished with permission. This excerpt features information about yarn colors, and learning how to increase and decrease in crochet. Be

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Read Now: Crochet and Cauldrons

by Nancy Warren

Every family has annoying relatives; mine just happen to be undead.

My Grandmother, Agnes Bartlett, used to own Cardinal Woolsey’s knitting shop in Oxford then died and left her shop to me, without informing me that she wasn’t actually dead. She’s a vampire and part of the world’s strangest craft circle – the Vampire

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Amigurumi Treasures

by Erinna Lee

For every year of my school life (and I am sure it was the same for most of you), the end of the school year meant a report card that you had to bring home to mum and dad. My reports were typically un­memorable – average grades, mundane comments about needing to live

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How To Seam a Sweater

Making a sweater for the first time can be intimidating for some stitchers.  Sizing, pattern choices, and the extra finishing that sweaters sometimes require can be major barriers to creating the sweater of your dreams.

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Hand Carved Rustic Crochet Hook

Treat yourself to likely the most unique crochet hook you will ever own. Functional and decorative, each hook is hand carved and sealed so you don’t have to worry about rough edges while you crochet. Made to order, you can request size, length and wood type for the most customized experience.

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Cedar Tree Branch Buttons

Finish off that cabin sweater with a natural touch by using these cedar buttons. Each button is hand cut by the maker and intricately wood burned. Sanded until smooth and sealed with beeswax for longevity, these buttons will make your sweater memorable and unique.

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