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Crochet by Boat: Part 3 – The Knitting Garden

The village of Huntington is a charming stop as we make our way around Long Island by boat searching for the perfect yarn destination.  From the moment you settle into your slip at Willis Marine, you know this is going to be a good stop.  Willis Marine is at the head of the harbor and

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“I cannot seem to make a motif more than four sides. My triangles are triangles and squares are squares. But when supposed to be five or more sides, mine end up round! What can I do?”

Crocheters love motifs. Motifs are fun, great little projects to carry around, and quick to complete for that instant gratification. They also offer so much versatility in shape, color, and texture. The possibilities are endless.

But motifs can be tricky to work. And Carol, you are not alone in your quest to make those corners not

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Yarn Pom Poms

It is definitely the season of creative, decorative crochet projects, which means you are likely to come across a few patterns that call for pom pom embellishments. You can personalize any design by adding a pop of color; choose from a wide array of options such as lime, turquoise, peach, and more. Plus, you can

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Magical Mysteries Themed Gift Box

Looking to add a little “mystery” to your life? Try a mystery yarn box, which comes with yarn (choice of sock weight or DK) plus bonus goodies. You can even select the option for a unique hook. Your one hint is that the items follow a “magical mystery and unicorn” theme!

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French Macaron Cookie Case for Stitch Markers

Macarons are simply delightful, so bring some of that cute, colorful joy into your crochet routine. These cases can hold any small item but would be particularly useful for storing your stitch markers. Pick your “flavor” and quantity so you can finally have a spunky way to keep track of those elusive crochet odds and

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Yarn Winder

Add this yarn winder to your crochet tool kit right away! This convenient time-saver will eliminate the headache of winding yarn all on your own. With this tool, you can make yarn cakes and rewind any loose skeins—and don’t worry; it comes with a user manual.

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Crocheted Baby Shoes

These baby booties go above and beyond in the personality department. Imagine those adorable baby giggles when your little ones look down to see baby ducks, cars, or strawberries snuggling their toes. The book even includes sizing recommendations, material lists, and cute photographs of the twenty different projects.

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