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Busy Bee Polymer Clay Crochet Hook

This fabulous polymer clay crochet hook features an exquisite beehive design that will bring a touch of honey sweetness to your crochet projects. Designed for all skill levels from beginners to seasoned crochet experts, this novelty hook is available in a range of sizes for big and small projects. Cultivate your crochet hive with a

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Crochet Dreams Coloring Book

Make your crochet dreams a reality with this unique spin on the adult coloring book trend made just for crocheters. This handy crochet companion notebook contains 35 pages of heavy-duty recycled paper that will withstand markers, pen, glue, and even paint. You’ll find 24 different designs that will be familiar to any crochet lover for

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Elegant White Crochet Hook Necklace

For any fashionable crochet lover, this elegant charm necklace is sure to have them “hooked.” There’s no better way to celebrate the glory of crochet than wearing a simple hook pendant to honor the tool that makes crochet possible. Remind yourself that creativity can be found in the most unexpected places with a delicate accessory

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Hot Air Balloon Yarn Holder

Store your yarn in this whimsical hot air balloon storage case for a yarn holder you’ll love to tote on every new adventure. This practical and cute crochet accessory will keep your yarn secure in a made-to-last yarn bag that can hold 2-3 balls of yarn at a time. Made from durable fabric with a

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My Crocheted Closet: 22 Styles for Every Day of the Week

Crochet your way to a new closet with Salena Baca’s curated selection of tops, shawls, scarves, hats, and much more! Strut your stuff every day of the week with one of these stylish crochet projects that will instantly dress up your go-to outfits and leave you feeling brand new. Each piece is designed to be

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Feng Crochet: Calming Projects for a Harmonious Home

As we all know, crochet and calm go hand in hand. Make your home a respite from everyday stress with handmade crocheted items that will add warmth and relaxation to your space. Organized according to the 5 elements of Feng Shui, you’ll find patterns for large home decor creations to small treasures that will bring

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Round and Round the Crochet Hook: Patterns to Inspire and Admire

Working in the round isn’t the easiest feat, but you’ll abandon all inhibitions with this delightful collection of easy crochet patterns. Go for simple and quick or vibrant and elaborate projects for every skill level and interest. With room to show your personality and tastes, customize these enduring designs to fit modern trends and your

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Home Decoration in Crochet

Personalize your space with full pattern instructions of colorful crochet projects from Tanya Eberhardt. With more than 18 original designs, Eberhardt’s love for color and all-things crochet is bound to inspire your own creativity and motivation to revamp your home. Made for beginner and advanced crocheters, this book contains easy projects that will satisfy anyone

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How do I block my projects?

Crochet Corner

Hi Carol,

I use to never block my finished crochet projects. I didn’t understand the point of it. I would finish a project and be so excited, and impatient, to wear or send off to its intended recipient. But after many years of crocheting I’ve come to learn the noticeable transformation blocking makes on the final

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