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Tied and True Crochet Stitch Pattern


On the hunt for new crochet lace stitches to try? Practice a swatch for the Tied and True, featured in the October 2018 issue, with this tutorial on crocheting lace clusters and V stitches. Master this stitch and you’ll be equipped to make the stunning lacy cardigan, perfect for holiday gift giving with the loveliest

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How to: Single Crochet (sc)

single crochet step one

1. Insert the hook under both front and book loops (or, under the complete “V”) of the 2nd chain from the hook. Wrap the yarn over the hook from back to front (yarn over) and draw it through the V.

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How to Care for and Store Your Crochet

Crochet blocking materials

Crocheting a handmade gift takes time. Not only time, but it takes money. You spend a decent amount of both picking out and purchasing the perfect yarn for your next project – whether it’s a grandchild’s baby blanket, a lovely sweater for your mother or a cozy pair of socks for your sick friend. After

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