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How to Care for and Store Your Crochet

Crochet blocking materials

Crocheting a handmade gift takes time. Not only time, but it takes money. You spend a decent amount of both picking out and purchasing the perfect yarn for your next project – whether it’s a grandchild’s baby blanket, a lovely sweater for your mother or a cozy pair of socks for your sick friend. After

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How to Teach Others to Crochet

Have you ever sat down to teach a loved one crochet and run into some hiccups through the process? Teaching isn’t always as intuitive as doing, so read this article to learn some of our favorite tips to teach crochet to anyone.

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How to Upcycle a Shirt with Crochet

Imagine this: you grab your favorite pair of jeans and discover there’s a huge rip in them – and not the kind that could pass for the on-trend distressed jeans either. What do you do? It’s time to toss them, right? The answer isn’t as straightforward as you might think.

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How To Seam a Sweater

Making a sweater for the first time can be intimidating for some stitchers.  Sizing, pattern choices, and the extra finishing that sweaters sometimes require can be major barriers to creating the sweater of your dreams.

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Inline vs Tapered Crochet Hook

Discover the best crochet hooks to use as we answer the age-old debate on the inline vs tapered crochet hook. The answer to this question may surprise you! Crocheters all have their preferences as to which hook feels better. Learn why some people prefer one hook over the other.

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13 Must-Have Gifts For Every Crocheter

1. Daily Fiber Mug $19.95   2. Yarn Leggings $44.95   3. Hurray for Wool Printable $5.00   4. Yarn Ball Earrings $19.00   5. Crochet Tee $22.99   6. Crochet Hook Earrings $30.00   7. I’d Rather Be Crocheting Mug $14.63   8. Deck the Halls Card $3.99   9. Crochet is My Happy Place Printable $5.00   10. Ceramic Chubby Cat Yarn Bowl $53.94   11. Crochet and be

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Simple Crochet Hats: 15 Beautiful Designs to Create with Ease

You don’t need to wait for winter to arrive before whipping up some of these classic hat patterns. Beautifully designed, these crocheted hats are bound to get you noticed on a chilly winter day. Featuring 15 simple projects, from beanies to berets, readers can choose from a variety of hat types that boast clear instructions

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