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Crochet Conjures Products

Unveil a bewitching assortment of witchy-themed crochet essentials that transport your projects to the realms of magic and mystery. From spellbinding stickers to enchanting project bags that hold your yarn like sacred potions, each item is curated to infuse your crafting with an aura of otherworldly charm. Whether you’re a seasoned sorceress of stitches or a beginner embracing the mystical craft, these witchy essentials will have you conjuring crochet magic like never before. Embrace the craft that weaves together threads of the everyday and the supernatural in one spellbinding tapestry.

  1. Witch Hat Yarn Sticker, etsy.com/shop/woodlandstitchcraft
  2. Hocus Pocus Yarn Shop Sticker, etsy.com/shop/woodlandstitchcraft
  3. Witches Crochet Coven Mug, etsy.com/shop/kathywellerart
  4. Lost My Wand So Now I Crochet Sweatshirt, etsy.com/shop/labagshop
  5. Make Magic Crochet Tarot Halloween Inspired Project Bag, etsy.com/shop/wrennmakes
  6. I Practice Stitchcraft Sticker, etsy.com/shop/weirdsisterswool
  7. Accio Yarn Sticker, etsy.com/shop/jupitermoose
  8. Scary Ran out of Yarn Shirt, etsy.com/shop/lulubelledesigns
  9. Halloween Yarn Sticker, etsy.com/shop/jupitermoose
  10. Hook Magic Crochet Canvas Tote Bag, etsy.com/shop/knitandcrochetevraft
  11. I’m a Good Witch Sweatshirt, etsy.com/shop/poppiesexpressions
  12. Crafty Witch Sticker, etsy.com/shop/rebelandsiren
  13. Yarn Witch Sweatshirt, etsy.com/shop/podbr


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