Tian Connaughton

I am the crochet and knitwear designer, and tech editor behind KnitDesigns by Tian. I live in a small town in Western Massachusetts with my fantasy author husband, Daniel and son, Aidan. Teaching is at the heart of how I approach design. While my style tends toward classic shapes and silhouettes, my designs are intended to provide learning opportunities featuring interesting and unique details. I blog about crochet, knit, and design at knitdesignsbytian.blogspot.com.

Projects by Tian Connaughton

How To Wet Block Crochet Projects

Learn how to wet block your crochet projects with this easy-to-follow tutorial complete with step-by-step pictures. Wet blocking crochet projects is essential for achieving that professional, polished look to your finished pieces and garments.

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Four Tips for Crochet Cable Stitches

Hi Amber,

Cables are a beautiful way to add texture and interest to your crochet projects, but if you have never worked a cable before it can be a bit intimidating. Like you, I love the look of crochet cables and in the beginning, I was nervous to try the technique because of how the stitch

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Jaelynn Ripple Scarf

Jaelynn is a wide scarf that can be worn as a shawl depending on your style. This is a great and easy pattern to play with different yarn. So if you’ve been saving a special yarn for just the right project, it’s time to take it out of your stash! This pattern truly lets the yarn shine. 

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McIntosh Sweater

McIntosh Sweater

Head outdoors in a cozy sweater with accents of deep McIntosh Apple red. You’ll want to cozy up with this sturdy cardigan all season long.

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On the Fringe Tank

A simple tank is made complete with a flirty yarn loop fringe. Crocheted in a neutral yarn, this tank can be paired with pretty much anything in your wardrobe to create a flawless outfit.  It’s the perfect versatile piece to add to your closest this season.

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Go-To Gingham Bag

Take a simple crochet bag to the next level with this easy technique. The classic gingham style looks stunning in blacks and grays and pairs well with spring pastels.

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Goodbye Rules, Hello Freeform Crochet

What would it be like if you could paint with yarn? Would the yarn flow from your fingertips in the way that paint flows onto canvas? Would colors and shapes appear at the stroke of a crochet hook and would you be able to break rules like a true artist? Pablo Picasso is credited with saying, “Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist.” Once you’ve learned the “rules” of crochet, the doors to freeform crochet are wide open.

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