Angèle Lumière

Angèle Lumière learned to knit and crochet from her mother at a very young age and has been doing it with great passion ever since. By nature, she is very curious and creative and has always felt the need to create things with her hands. Angèle lives and breathe designing.

Angèle is inspired by the sea, the ebb and flow of the waves, flowing water, the leaves of plants and trees, dancing in the clouds and thinks that crochet is a kind of meditation that helps us feel better and be happier.

One day, she thought it would be interesting to share her crochet designs, so she set the challenge to draw and explain her creations and patterns in three languages (Spanish, French, and English), using international symbols to reach as many people as possible that are interested in crochet.

You can find Angèle Lumière on her blog, on Ravelry, on Etsy and on Facebook.

Projects by Angèle Lumière

How to Crochet the Shell Stitch

The shell stitch is a must-learn for every crocheter as it is one of the easiest ways to create a lace-like openwork fabric with crochet. The shell stitch probably gets it’s name from the shape of this stitch being similar to that of a scallop shell that you’d find on the beach. It’s fitting that, this stitch tends to make breezy and delicate designs that are perfect for letting that ocean air sweep you away. 

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Macoun Leaf Shawl

Dark red yarn with a touch of purple works to create a shawl that’s reminiscent of the skin of a fresh, Macoun apple. Complete with a single row of apple leaves just towards the shawl’s edge, this design is ready for your next apple picking adventure!

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Festive Fourth of July Shawl

Show off your festive spirit without sacrificing your style. With softened hues of the iconic Fourth of July colors, you can work this up for a day full of fireworks, hot dogs, and fun, but then you can keep it around for the rest of the summer days, too.

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Plum Mist Beret

Spring weather means that hats can be less bulky and more of an accessory. The Plum Mist Beret is just that — a lovely little hat that’s reminiscent of a stroll through the streets of Paris.

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Cloudy Day Shawl

Beautiful, soft and airy, this stole is big enough to wear around your shoulders and cozy enough to wear as a winter or early-spring wrap.

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