Hollie Gesaman

Projects by Hollie Gesaman

Tunisian Tee Party

Tunisian stitches are the star of this cute little tee. Embellish your own with flowers, tassels or enjoy it plain! A basic understanding of Tunisian crochet is necessary to complete this pattern. It is written in a made-to-measure style, meaning you can use any hook or yarn weight and can come to any gauge you like. Just follow the included measurements and your fit will come out right!  

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Inline vs Tapered Crochet Hook

Discover the best crochet hooks to use as we answer the age-old debate on the inline vs tapered crochet hook. The answer to this question may surprise you! Crocheters all have their preferences as to which hook feels better. Learn why some people prefer one hook over the other.

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Twilight Ghost Sweater

Don’t be spooked — this striking sweater does not require otherworldly crochet skills. The rows of Catherine’s Wheel stitches are interesting and edgy and your little one will be snuggly prepared for October nights.

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Bubble Gum Bows Top

Adorable doesn’t even begin to describe this toddler long-sleeve tee. Little bows crocheted into the sleeves and the back make the top really special. Watch out though, she’ll be asking for one in all of her favorite colors!

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