Sumayyah Chougle

Sumayyah C is a designer living in Pune, India. She loves texture and balance in her designs, which are inspired by patterns and colors from nature.

Projects by Sumayyah Chougle

Too Cool For Stitch School: Master Tunisian Crochet Cables

To complete the fabulous Pineapple Tunisian Pillow, you’ll need to master the 6-stitch right cable. This technique, demonstrated in the photos below, will achieve the most stunning “knit” like cables!

 6-stitch right cable (C6B)
Tks the first 3 sts.

Slip these 3 sts on a cable needle, hold to back of work.

Tks next 3 sts, place sts on

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The Pineapple Tunisian Pillow

The Pineapple Tunisian Pillow takes its inspiration from Aran cables, creating an interesting texture with a knit like appearance. The back of the pillow is plain tunisian and the top is closed with a zipper closure for easy cleaning. Need help mastering the tunisian crochet cables featured in this pattern? Check out the step-by-step tutorial on the next page.

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