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How to Add Fleece Backing to a Blanket Part 1

Add some comfort, security and warmth to your crochet blankets by applying a fleece backing. In this first segment of the three-part series from Yarnspirations.com, we learn how to properly cut and prepare your fleece for securing to your blanket.


  • If the crochet piece measures 49 inches wide and you cut the fleece to 48 inches would not the crochet piece be too big for the fleece? The fleece is going to be smaller again when the sides are folded over when the edging is crocheted around the fleece before crocheting both pieces together. I hope you can understand what I mean. I am probably wrong but it seems to me that the fleece should be a little bit larger than the crochet piece. Please help me.
    Thank you, Jean at jean1121@q.com


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