Flower Top Beanie: Boho-Style Free Crochet Beanie Pattern

You’ll love this easy, Boho-style crochet beanie pattern.

Dear Crochet-Lover,

Everywhere you look, beanie hats are part of the Boho fashion zeitgeist. From celebrities to college students to, well, just about everyone, wearing a beanie is on trend. Now, combine that trend with crochet and flowers, and you have all the elements of a classic Boho-style crochet beanie pattern.

Not only does this pattern look great on everyone, it’s easy to work and can be adjusted to fit an adult, teen, or child. The pretty flower design is incorporated right into the top. Sounds adorable, right?

It gets better—this crochet beanie pattern comes from a crochet pattern source you can trust: I Like Crochet, of course! Now you know this pattern is a keeper. After all, I Like Crochet magazine is a premium digital publication featuring dozens of exclusive patterns with professional photos and tech-edited designs.

I Like Crochet’s patterns are not only gorgeous, modern and stylish, but they’re also designed by designers all over the world. You may not have experienced crochet the I Like Crochet way yet, but here’s something for you:

Now you can get a FREE crochet beanie pattern from I Like Crochet in our brand-new freebie, Flower Top Beanie.

Yes, it’s really from I Like Crochet, and yes, it’s absolutely free. This freebie includes a free crochet beanie pattern that is perfect for you, your friends—even kids!

You can make this flower beanie in any colors you choose, depending on whatever makes you and your wardrobe happy. Versatile patterns like this one are perfect additions to your digital crochet pattern collection – patterns you’ll return to time and time again.

Free crochet beanie pattern Flower Top Beanie

This free pattern is a classic beanie style, but with a twist—a flower on the crown! The Flower Top Beanie has just the right amount of slouch—not too tight, not too floppy—with a gentle zigzag motif cascading down from the flower on top. This darling beanie can be crocheted in worsted-weight yarn in any colors you choose – from bright spring hues to an earthy fall palette. The model for our pattern features a rich, mellow combo of lavender, deep sea blue, avocado, and honey.

The crochet beanie is so easy to make, you can customize one for every season and wardrobe choice. In fact, a free spirit like you might even choose white or pale blue yarn and turn the six-petal flower into a snowflake for winter wear—we won’t tell anyone! Let’s just say this pretty design is adaptable to most any taste or style.

In fact, in this and every pattern we include a set of Master Abbreviations and basic stitch tutorials so you’ll have everything you need to complete the project. No guesswork or hunting for information! All the information is in one handy place.

This pattern, like all I Like Crochet patterns, is also carefully edited so there are no frustrating, time-consuming pattern errors or missing instructions, and it has been selected just for this special freebie by the crochet-loving editors of I Like Crochet.

Why choose I Like Crochet patterns?

Satisfaction—that’s what all of our crochet-loving fans get from every I Like Crochet pattern they stitch up. The enjoyment of planning colors, the thrill of creating, and the ultimate gratification of crocheting an I Like Crochet project from start to finish—that’s what we’re offering you for FREE with this pattern!

In fact, the pleasure you get from crochet is multiplied many times over when you choose an I Like Crochet pattern! And let’s face it, a lot of the patterns and designs out there just aren’t that special—they can be repetitive, uninspired, or simply boring.

But now you can get the premium looks you want for FREE – and what could be better than that? (Aside from unlimited hours in the day to crochet!)

Here’s how it works: We carefully choose talented designers, work closely with them to create new and unique designs for our publications, and make sure our amazing tech editor tests out the patterns, so that even crochet novices can successfully create these projects.

Not everyone takes this much care with their crochet patterns—but at I Like Crochet, we wouldn’t do it any other way. After all, we’re crochet-lovers ourselves! We wouldn’t dream of offering you anything that we wouldn’t love to stitch.

I know you may be thinking that free patterns are trouble— because very often, they are. You wind up having to unravel your work halfway through, figure out some problem on your own, and start over.

But this really is a genuine, well-edited and well-loved I Like Crochet pattern, and now we want to share it with more crocheters, so we’re giving it away for FREE. It’s our way of sharing the love with the entire crochet community!

Create this wonderful pattern from the top premium crochet publication available with full confidence! We’re absolutely positive you’ll love it and want to crochet this pattern again and again.

I adore this pattern myself that’s why I’m so excited for you to start crocheting this delightful design! And whether you wear beanies yourself—or have a friend or know a child who does—this free pattern in our Flower Top Beanie freebie is sure to be a hit!

Thanks for your interest in I Like Crochet, and…ENJOY!

Happy crocheting,

Caitlin Eaton

P.S. Remember, this Flower Top Beanie pattern is absolutely FREE! Normally you’d pay about $8 each for a designer pattern like this, but with our freebie, you can get it for $0!



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