Free Crochet Bag Patterns: 3 Everyday Bags You Need to Crochet Right Now!

You’ll love these free crochet bag patterns

Dear Crochet-Lover,

If you’re headed to the beach, market, or library and need the perfect crocheted bag for the occasion, then you’ve come to the right place!

Of course, you can use these free crochet bag patterns for just about any occasion to hold your latest crochet project WIP for instance.

Crochet bags are a stylish way to accessorize an outfit without having to crochet a sweater or wear a scarf. I Like Crochet has so many bag patterns! After all, I Like Crochet magazine is a premium digital publication featuring dozens of exclusive patterns with professional photos and tech-edited designs.

I Like Crochet’s patterns are not only gorgeous, modern and stylish, but they’re also designed by designers all over the world. You may not have experienced crochet the I Like Crochet way yet, but here’s something for you:

Now you can get three FREE crochet bag patterns from I Like Crochet in our brand-new mini collection, Free Crochet Bag Patterns: 3 Everyday Bags You Need to Crochet Right Now!

Yes, it’s really from I Like Crochet, and yes, it’s absolutely free. This collection includes three unique bag designs to show you the variety that I Like Crochet can offer!

You can make any of these bags in any colors you choose, depending on your personal style. Versatile patterns are perfect additions to your digital crochet pattern collection – patterns you’ll return to time and time again.

Free crochet bag pattern #1

Our first free pattern is a stunning Cross Stitch Tote which, contrary to the name, is a fully crocheted bag featuring a stitch that looks like an “X”. It can be crocheted in worsted-weight yarn in any colors you choose but we definitely recommend high-contrast colors to really show off the stitch.

This pattern, like all I Like Crochet patterns, is carefully edited so there are no frustrating, time-consuming pattern errors or missing instructions, and it has been selected just for this special collection by the crochet-loving editors of I Like Crochet.

Free crochet bag pattern #2

Want to create the perfect summer bag? Try the gorgeous Dragonfly Beach Tote with its simple-yet-satisfying dragonfly design.

With color combinations like Coral, Honey, Deep Sea and more, it’s hard to go wrong with this striped tote design. Each color seems to make the dragonflies stand out even more!

This pattern includes a few close-up photos of the dragonfly structure and the modified puff stitch for clarity.

Free crochet bag pattern #3

Don’t waste another plastic bag at the Farmers Market this year and take this useful Round Mesh Market Bag on your next trip. Fill it with fresh fruits, veggies and flowers and look stylish while doing so.

You’ll want to use a worsted weight cotton yarn for optimal stability and wash-ability. Varigated yarn can create a nice striping pattern but this bag would also look stunning in a cream colored yarn that tends to be so popular these days.

And remember, this pattern, like all I Like Crochet patterns, is carefully edited to avoid frustration and wasted time – you get nothing but satisfactory results!

Why choose I Like Crochet patterns?

And speaking of satisfaction, that’s what all of our crochet-loving fans get from every I Like Crochet pattern they stitch up. The enjoyment of planning colors, the thrill of creating, and the ultimate gratification of crocheting an I Like Crochet project from start to finish – that’s what we’re offering you for FREE with these three patterns!

In fact, the pleasure you get from crochet is multiplied many times over when you choose an I Like Crochet pattern! And let’s face it, a lot of the patterns and designs out there just aren’t that special – they can be repetitive, uninspired, or simply boring.

But now you can get the premium looks you want for FREE – and what could be better than that? (Aside from unlimited hours in the day to crochet!)

Here’s how it works: We carefully choose talented designers, work closely with them to create new and unique designs for our publications, and make sure our amazing tech editor tests out the patterns, so that even crochet novices can successfully create these projects.

Not everyone takes this much care with their crochet patterns – but at I Like Crochet, we wouldn’t do it any other way. After all, we’re crochet-lovers ourselves! We wouldn’t dream of offering you anything that we wouldn’t love to stitch.

I know you may be thinking that free patterns are trouble – because very often, they are. You wind up having to unravel your work halfway through, figure out some problem on your own, and start over.

But these really are genuine, well-edited and well-loved I Like Crochet patterns, and now we want to share them with more crocheters, so we’re giving them away for FREE. It’s our way of sharing the love with the entire crochet community!

Create these wonderful patterns from the top premium crochet publication available with full confidence! We’re absolutely positive you’ll love them and want to crochet each pattern again and again.

I wish I could see your face when you take a look at these, because I’m so excited for you to start crocheting these delightful designs! Whether you’re taking a stroll through town or the beach—these free bag patterns in our mini collection are sure to be a hit!

Thanks for your interest in I Like Crochet, and…ENJOY!

Happy crocheting,

Caitlin Eaton

P.S. Remember, these patterns in Free Crochet Bag Patterns are absolutely FREE! Normally you’d pay about $8 each for designer patterns like these, but with our mini collection, you can get all three for $0!


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